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There are two answers to the question of whether or not the human race is ready for contact. The first answer is that in this day and age, when crafts of  'unknown origin' are being seen regularly, there are many people who have come to believe that there ARE other life forms that exist outside of our world. That these life forms are coming here in vast numbers {and have been for years} is beyond all doubt now.

The vast majority of people believe that governments can no longer 'hide' the fact about UFOs anymore from the general population, as they are seen everywhere on this planet. Therefore, there are many who believe that we, as a population, ARE ready for full contact - not if it happens but WHEN it happens. There are those of us who believe that we are enlightened enough, in this day and age, to make that contact...but are we?

The human race stands on the cusp of making one of the greatest discoveries in our history and it would be akin to the discovery of life after death. The discovery that life that exists outside of our planet, has been coming here and will one day make full contact with us when we are ready...but are we ready for that? 

The second answer to this question is that while wars continue to rage on throughout the world, and ignorance breeds hatred of our fellow Man, human beings will never be ready to accept those from other worlds. This is simply because we have never fully accepted those of us who are different in race, colour or creed right here on this planet.

How then can we expect to welcome extra terrestrial life to our planet when the first thoughts on our minds would be to destroy them? We cannot even get along with each other here, let alone welcoming those from other worlds and galaxies. We are simply too war-like, too primitive a species to ever make full contact with those who would welcome us into the 'Galatic Family' if we only but changed our ways.

Murders, rapes, ignorance and wars continue to be our scourge - as much as we may have improved technologically over the years.  What we have not improved upon is our capacity to create and invent new kinds of weapons that destroy each other, and could destroy whole civilizations in the process. Our capacity for war, instead of peace, knows no bounds, which is why full contact with Extra Terrestrial Life is still a long way off.

Until we can accept each other for what we are...human beings...then we, in turn, will continue to be 'watched' by those who visit this planet and gaze upon us from a distance. Of course, not everyone holds the blood lust that some people seem to have. The kind of blood lust that builds up military arsenals and weapons.

The kind of blood lust that can see a stranger murdered for wandering onto the wrong side of the street {patch.} The kind of blood lust that kills and destroys everything in its sight, man, woman, child, or animal, leaving an ocean of blood in its wake. What intelligent life form would welcome that into their society? 

No, until we change we will never be ready to accept and welcome those from other galaxies. We will continue to be left to our own devices - unless, of course, our actions threaten the very existence of our own planet and other planets too. Then, I believe, that higher, intelligent Extra Terrestrial Beings would be forced to step in and intervene  [less we should end up destroying the whole planet].

UFOs are here, they are everywhere, and they have proven themselves to be real.  But in order for the occupiers of such crafts to make themselves available for full contact, it is we ourselves that have to change our philosophy of war, and envelope ENLIGHTENMENT. Until that happens, we will never be ready for full contact.

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