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Alright, alright, alright - the majority of us have seen some crazy lights flashing through the atmosphere at one point or another right? Could one have just witnessed a UFO [Unidentified Flying Object]? OF COURSE! The real statement that this could be a living being would not be too much of an overstatement either! Millions of people all over the world have video-taped evidence of strange floating objects, lights, and such weird objects zoom into and out of focus so fast that we almost doubt what they just saw! Is this real? Is the government trying to hide something? Would it be in our best interest that the government censor this? Would society be thrown into a full-blown panic knowing that we co-exist with another creature almost 50 times more advanced than our own race?

I was abroad out at the local Colorado City cemetery one night with my friend Dylan, solely passing the time. [Not being very strange goth kids, ok?] And we sat there and admired the fact that life can come and go by so fast. I was staring out the window for about thirty seconds, admiring the moon. All of a sudden I saw a HUGE beautiful blue ball with a white core light up the midnight sky, float into view for a few seconds, as if it were hovering there for a moment, and then instantaneously zoom out of distance towards the moon off to the right.

"DUDE! DYLAN! Did you just see that s*t man?!?!?! Did you!" He was precariously staring out of the front window contemplating into the darkness. "Naw man! What happened!?" So then i began telling him the whole strangely bizarre tall-tale generic entry for a UFO case. "Dude, this place is creepy man, I was here last week and saw some crazy crap too man! Let's get the hell out of here!" And so we left.

Was what I saw real? HELL YEAH IT WAS! Was it a UFO? Absolutely! Was this thing alive and observing the minimal life around at night in the Colorado City Cemetery creating data files over what had just happened? Maybe.

This conspiracy is nothing new, these sightings have been seen for hundreds, even thousands of years. According to photos taken by, ancient hieroglyphs in a 3000-year old temple, located several hundred miles south from Cairo, as stated by the photographer - there were clear pictures taken of a very intriguing spectre. Three very clearly strange artifacts are recorded into the timeless scriptures in these Egyptian walls: A helicopter-looking object, what seems to be a submarine device, and disc-looking machine with a rear-fin. HOW THE HELL did these people know about these technologies?!?!

According to a picture was taken which had two round, seemingly football-shaped objects inscribed into the walls. The object on top seems to have a cockpit atop the disc, seemingly for alien inhabitance, and the lower - a simple floating disc. Again, where would they have obtained this information? In those ancient days, the main primary focus was always the Pharaoh! How would anyone have been able to have the time to "make this up" had it not been sitting there in front of them as it is with us? Just as in today's times, we live in an EXTREMELY censored world, where info in most case absolutely cannot pass from one medium to another, hence a military official or Area 51 member to the outside society in fear of a panic. Is this really the case? Could this have been the case almost three thousand years ago? Could the reason why limited pictures of these UFOs are so discrete?

Is our government being fair? Does this keeping a secretive "Area 51" military test base/alien technology testing and recreational site seem legit and moral? Every moment of everyday, there is a satellite hovering somewhere over you. How does Google get a full 360-degree view of the world as we see it? The government could be keeping a plan secret or simply letting us think what we want; however the case stands - to me, I believe we're not alone.

EVEN THROUGHOUT THE BIBLE there are numerous accounts of this descending "cloud" in reference to the one called "Yhova" In Numbers 9:15-19, it talks about a "cloud" hovering, and wherever this cloud landed, the Israelites would throw their tents and camp. In specific, verse 9:16 talks about how "the cloud covered it, and at night it looked like fire."
Deuteronomy 4:11-13 - it talks about how the mountain was covered in a blazing fire, and out of the fire came the Ten Commandments. Verse 12 in specific: "Then the LORD spoke to you out of the fire. You heard the sound of words but saw no form; there was only a voice."
Continuing along with MANY other references are Job 38, and 40 which both talk of [depending on the version of bible] a voice emanating from a whirlwind, eye of a storm, or a storm entirely.

The Dropa stones - Round plates found in 1938, which seemingly looked like phonograph records were found on the outside border of China and Tibet. These records could not be interpreted at the time and were placed away. These stones dated almost 12,000 years old. Finally, Dr. Sum Um Nui painstakingly took these stones under a microscope and translated for hours upon countless hours. Finally sentences were translated and the story began to take hold.

The Dropa came from outer space. The tribe that they landed near wished that they could have helped the Dropas; however nothing could've been made possible. These Dropas had peaceful intentions.

So no matter where you look, you see evidence from all over the place, Dropa stones found around China, hieroglyphs found in Egypt, cave-drawings all over the world. There is evidence out there that something, someone, or some object of disbelief is out there, perhaps watching us. Could this be that someday we will find the answer to these so called, UFO conspiracies? Maybe. However the case, the overall excitement and adrenaline of knowing something out there is watching over us or simply co-existing with us is truly something to be in awe of.

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