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I was born two years after Roswell; its fifty seven years later and it is still a question: Are we alone in the universe? The history of UFO encounters can be traced back throughout history. The oral and pictorial evidence of UFOs met a zenith point in with the Roswell crash front page story. The UFO disclosures by the UK and France has the door on the subject of sentient beings from other worlds. Why hasn't the most advanced country in the world, the USA, not come forward with a disclosure? It want happen. The way the government tried to cover up the Phoenix encounter shows that there is something holding it back. Since then the increased UFO activity worldwide is creating more tension; Stephen ville in January is a typical example. When did we begin to create jet planes as long as three football fields? The government has no sound explanation for the sighting; it didn't make the radar alarm go off. The onlookers have video of the UFOs; so why are we asking this question about being alone in the universe. The people in charge must think we are crazy or just mind lazy. Its the cave syndrome; someone goes in the cave but doesn't return, some one says he will be back. So another person or persons is sent into the cave; the ones in charge contend that we will be back, but they never do. This goes on for thousands of years until the people forget why they are being sent into the cave; its a tradition by then. Its the same now; when we see UFOs but someone in charge tells us they are not there; we go on doing what we were doing, just forget about it. In two moths and two days I will a anniversary for my awakening, my I believe day. It is April, 2008, I'm on a jet cruising over Greenland, at 35,000 feet, speeding through the sky at 600 miles per hour. I keep a camera ready when I fly; I take photo's of the sky and ground. I must have seen it the instant it became visible and disappeared; a sphere in the blue firmament. You can go to my Blog; Cerebratics, it is there. If you want to go deeper try Coast to Coast: Photo's, Page 2; Mid-Air UFO sighting. It want go away, the image is burned into my consciousness. Where did it come from I keep asking myself. What is it doing I ask.These are the small questions; why me is the big one. Each day the realization of truth sinks in deeper; Roswell and all the authentic sightings are real; we are not alone. Does this imply that we are being misled concerning the nature of creation, our beginnings. Just the fact that sentient beings existing in the universe possess the capability to travel the void of inter galactic space is based on higher physics; Witten is a toddler, Area 51 is kindergarten. This stirs up the breakdown of beliefs, unlocks the chains on our mind about who we really are in the cosmic scheme. This reality is more than we begin to conceive or imagine. The forces in control of this world want to keep us in remission; ignore our ordinary minds. This obstruction has led us to the brink of oblivion. As we use only ten, the ninety stays asleep; your brain. Check this out:

Absolute-E=MC(Square)-Sentient Beings-Intergalactic Space Travel-Cosmic Family-Absolute Truth; notice something? We are still trying to land on Mars. What is a million or billion years behind the UFO technology; what do they really want? A friend would say hello, a enemy does not; it wants you ignore the cross it is about to put you through. I do believe that if that was the case we would have been gone long time ago; why would we be spared, we all going to die anyway. We cannot be misled forever, what are they, ET, waiting on? No matter what happens from now on; I have transcended the misleading, no longer a passerby.

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