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Is general science for the pursuit of truth or profit?

Modern science, like religion, has become a series of narrow dogmas that assumes certain beliefs and does everything it can to justify it. Today's science's most common beliefs is that man evolved out of apes, and that the universe came out of nothing, there is no God, and there is no other possible life out there, and once humans die, they decease to nothingness. This is, of course, a very nihilistic and sadistic. It describes life as a meaningless, fruitless and futile. It describes our human lives as an, "accident," and apparently an accident that has yet to evolve to something...more, meaningful.

Science, at first, was a religion, or a mythology. It was an attempt, as early as it was, to describe and explain how the world works. First, it was through magical stories and myth-making, or the retelling of old stories through verbal means rather than the written word. Early science was pretty much alchemy, magic, ritual, and evocation of spirits. Sigils were created, runes were carved, and ritual was practised. For a variety of purposes, they held deep and sincere meaning for those in the Mystery Schools and initiatory rites.

Thousands of years ago, "science' involved all aspects of life, not just how to live life in the material world, but also on the spiritual level. Meditation was practised for centuries and sacrifices to the ancient gods of all kind were practised. There were rites for every passage of life that an individual went through. The Mayans, Incans and many Native Americans worshipped and sacrificed to their spirit gods, or, perhaps, real gods. As well, science in the thousands of years before Christ involved magic mushrooms, DMT trips, and other spiritual journeys via psychedelics. That is how the first of many cults were born.

These cults were: the Sun cults, the Lunar cults, the Stellar cults, and the Saturnian cults. The Sun cults involved sun worship, Osiris, Horus, Hercules, Mithras, and Dionysus; the gods who died and were born again, just like the sun. The moon cults are similar to Cthulhu worship, and the Annunaki. Isis, Mary, and the Virgin deities were its main components; the feminine deities. Thirdly, the stellar cults involved the stars, the constellations and such. Orion is a common, familiar figure. The Zodiacs evolved from the star worshipping cults. This is a powerful cult because the stars resonate with humanity and the motion of the planets effect humanity on a psychic level because early humans put meaning into the heavens as the heavens are the guiding lights of humanity's destiny and choices. Finally, the cult of Saturn, worshipped Saturn, Cronos, and Time. Its main symbol for Saturn or Set is the hexagon, and is now found to be on Saturn's northern hemisphere. Another is the sickle of Saturn, much like its rings. It is now heavily ingrained in humanity's mind since its discovery nearly two years ago. Each of these cults had its own traditions, initiations and secrets. But they all shared on common origin: the Mushroom cults. The mushroom cults was what allowed DMT to appear and for the ancients to see things of mystic origin. This is probably where the idea of early religion came from, but it could also be that aliens really did visit this planet once a long time ago, and most likely still stayed behind when a major catastrophe occurred when the mysterious Atlantis fell.

Anyhow, as science evolved, it also included philosophy, politics and psychology. The study of the paranormal transcended them all, but it was crucial to do so because secret knowledge is what allows one to have power over others.

Flash forward to today, science is now completely compartmentalized. Any discussion of a God or gods is considered heresy (not much different from religious cults), and considers itself to be righteous even as it preaches false information such as man-caused global warming, or that there are no other life forms besides humanity in a universe that is constantly expanding. To argue that to think outside of the box is, "ignorance" is just nave. When we question our reality, it is when we are most human, and most independent. To suggest that one must follow the herd because the, "herd is always right" is dangerous, if not arrogant. There is no logical reason to believe that, "official, main-stream science" is complete, or that it knows or could justify its own truths. Evolutionary theory that was proposed by Darwin is simply not possible, not when human brains had jumped to higher stages of developments in a matter of thousands of years or very suddenly without a transitional period is indication that something happened in our recent past that has permitted the human brain to be what it is today. Our brain, after all, composes of three parts: reptilian, mammalian and conscious intelligence and intellect. It is this third layer that gives us, humans, the ability to think, to coordinate ourselves, and to feel emotions. It connects us with our fellow species and allows us to be a very complex, yet powerful species. We may be simple organisms, but behind it all, there is a forbidden power that Official Big Science dare not admit, because if it did, the very nature of the modern Status Quo would be crumbled apart, and collapse like a house of cards.

By Official Big Science, I mean the science that is funded by the state and that which serves the state. Instead of having independent scientists who pose a question (no matter how insane or ridiculous), what we have today is state-sponsored science, which is closer to a religion than a valid scientific community. Instead of being sceptical about all of its beliefs, the current Big Science machine refuses to tread to dangerous territory, such as UFOs, emotional energy, spirituality, God, psychedelics, chakras, and hyper dimensions and Forbidden Science.

Forbidden Science includes Mind Control, Psychic Powers, Free Energy, and basically what religion and spirituality covers. None of this is ever mentioned in the official science books of the day, except the rare book that outlines the power of such things like Free Energy and Cold Fusion. Anti-gravity, Time Travel, and Quantum Field Theory are all part of the Forbidden Science category that is now hidden from any public study or scrutiny. Nichola Tesla, for example, is never mentioned in history books of science or physics textbooks, because he created the concept of Alternating currents, and it was Edison who stole the idea and was given the undue credit for it. Tesla, as I have studied, was not a selfish man, and had no desire to get rich and famous, he simply wanted to use science and his wisdom of electricity and energy for man's advantage so that he may get out of his servitude. One of his devices was a car that runs on free energy, or zero-point energy, from the ether realms. It is literally energy that is free in the sense that costs nothing and could make man free from the controllers and monopolisers of energy resources such as oil, coal, and natural gas.

This Tesla tragedy is just one example of how real science has become enslaved to the idea of profiteering rather than the improvement of society and civilization. By the way, the basic car engine has been used for over a hundred years, you'd think that someone might come up with something better by now, but, that is not the case. We have yet to wonder why that is so. I am sure there is anti-gravity technology already, but the government keeps it hidden and are instead only encouraged by a privileged few at the very apex of social structure and the strata of our compartmentalized civilization. Black budget operations and modern science are all involved in this deception and omission of the real power of modern science. The truth is, we may already have hyperspace and holographic technology already, but none of it is mentioned by the scientists who work for government. I am sure the government already knows there are aliens, after all, why else would there be intelligence agencies? After all, why is Area 51 so secured and locked up? Why is there so many hidden military bases in the United States such as Dulce Air Base in New Mexico? What about the Roswell incident? How come that is never mentioned anymore, and why the denial after the fact?

It is impossible and a waste of literal space to have humans as the only living, sentient race in the universe that consists of trillions of stars and billions of galaxies. Why would God bother just creating one feeble, powerless race? Why not many? Surely there is a meaning to all of this? Life must exist elsewhere in this massive universe because there is a chance that there are suns that host solar systems like ours on earth. If religion can accept the idea of an omnipotent and omniscient being, why cannot aliens be accepted? If science is so sceptical and doubtful about human origin, then maybe the interventionist approach works well because it fills the gaps of how the human race has been able to develop so fast and so quickly, especially the sudden birth (or, rebirth) or civilization at where modern Baghdad is today; Mesopotamia, the land between two rivers: Tigris and Euphrates; the Garden of Eden. Why do all religions have serpents involved from the Norse to the Egyptians, from the Celts to the Germans and the Zoroaster's? Why is our DNA a double helix shaped like the caduceus of Hermes? Surely there must be some meaning to all this symbolism, which not only proves that we are not alone in this universe, but also that the serpent is an archetypal motif that has evolved with the ages as humanity advanced technologically.

Today, science is more like the art of destruction and the science of surveillance rather than the actual science of social improvement and freedom from our feeble status as mammals. Why do you think there is so many weapons being built and researched by the United States Defence Department (which has no need to defend itself ever except once since 1812). With wars being fought in two helpless nations by the Americans, and the setting up of the National Security Police State, and the recent passing of a law by the Israeli Zionists and the American Zionist to prosecute anyone who questions the validity of the Holocaust, we can already see that the purpose of science today is not the Science of Life, but the Science of Death.

The only way to stop this vicious cycle is to wake up and research science by ourselves and force the government to reveal secret, hidden technology that is in the Black Budgets of every nation; especially the United States of America, the most powerful nation on the planet, and the world's hegemonic despot.

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