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True Account of a UFO Sighting

Future Destinations
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"True Account of a UFO Sighting"
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It's true! I had a close encounter with a mysterious alien spacecraft when I lived in North Hollywood in the California San Fernando Valley. I was a teenager and read the classic science fiction books by Robert Heinlein, The Red Planet Mars and Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles. Flying saucers had been in the news since the Kenneth Arnold and Ray Palmer sightings and I wanted to see one.

Astronomy was an interest of mine and I would take my encyclopedia with the map of the constellations in it and go out in my back yard at night and study the skies. Perhaps it was my enthusiasm and desire to see a flying saucer that attracted the space people to me. It must have been a mutual attraction, though, because I suddenly decided to go out one night and look at the stars. They knew I was looking for them.

We lived a few miles from the Burbank airport and the planes would roar in very low above our house and the house would shake from them. This night as I looked up a plane was coming in low, almost above me. Suddenly it seemed to plunge lower. As I saw its red and green lights getting closer, I thought "Oh, no, it's going to crash!"  Then I realized there was a separate black submarine-like shaped object that was flying along beneath the plane.

It dove straight down and swerved around making a forty-five degree angle like a boomerang and came around right over me, cruising slowly so I could see it had a flat bottom, no wings at all, emitted no sound, and had red and green lights on it like an airplane does. The airplane had flown on by then-unaware it had been used as a cover for an alien craft-and this flying object did not emit any sound. It was so black that it showed up against the Los Angeles sky, which is lighter because of the street and building lighting.

I deduced that the lights on it were so it could blend in with the airliner it was hiding beneath. At the time radar technology was not as advanced as now and they had an ideal way to explore Earth and remain unnoticed and undiscovered. And the logical corollary is that they were physical and vulnerable. They could register on radar and did not want any confrontations. Thus, they hid from us unless they wanted to show themselves. 

Another thing I have noticed is that red and green are often mentioned in UFO sightings.  Red and green are complementary colors.  To see them would indicate that the eyesight of the aliens or individuals flying the UFOs must have eyesight similar to ours.

What seemed strange to me was that it had two green lights, one on each side of the front of the submarine shape.  Its tail, the narrow end, had only one red light on the right side.  I always wondered if a light was burned out and they did not know it, or if there was some reason for it. I could see both lights, on the right and left side, because they were positioned at the bottom where the rounded sides met the flat bottom. The flat bottom meant that it did not land by coming to a rolling stop.  It must be able to lift up and settle down by some other means than a braking system.  Possibly it enters into a larger saucer shaped mother ship and glides to a halt. It has to be propelled by an anti gravity generator because of its almost organic maneuverability. It can accelerate into a dive, swerve sharply in a forty-five degree angle, and decelerate instantly and float slowly and silently.

 I think because it was smaller it was a scout.  It must have had occupants because it suddenly dove straight down like a big fish, separating from its concealment beneath the airplane when it was directly over me. It reminded me of a big whale. It was so swift-something handled it like a racecar driver would maneuver -as it suddenly slowed overhead, and then leisurely cruised on over the San Fernando Valley.  I am sure it somehow transmitted a signal to me which drew me outside and planned to attract my attention.  A robot-operated vehicle would not have acted that way.

 I definitely had the impression that they were trying to attract my attention and were interested in me personally. I wrote a letter to the Pentagon describing the sighting but received no answer; however, I am sure they investigated, because of subsequent mysterious happenings involving air force officers-including meeting and talking to a general-that swirled around me. That close encounter had a profound effect on me which changed my thoughts about the Cosmos and consciousness and directed my attention to the metaphysical aspect of life on Earth.

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