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Tornadoes are deadly and very dangerous.  These ferocious winds can be reported in various parts of the world.  Tornadoes are mostly found in North America, especially the United States, due to cool and warm air masses that clash together, often forming funnel clouds.  Any tornado is dangerous, no matter what form it is and how long it travels.  That's why it's important for people to exercise safety tips to avoid getting harmed.

*Indoor tips

Your security from tornadoes largely depends on what type of shelter you use.  Staying in mobile homes isn't necessarily a good idea, since the tornadoes' velocities can still damage them easily.  Basements or storm cellars are generally the safest places to take cover.  If your home doesn't have a basement, but you're fortunate enough to have a close neighbor who owns one, don't procrastinate and get there quickly.  Keep in mind that not all homes are subject to survive from any damages from the most powerful tornadoes.  So once you learn safety tips and use them, you'll still be safe.

Once again, if you know someone who has a basement nearby, simply go and use it, and do so quickly before that tornado arrives.  Otherwise, go to the lowest level of your home or business and kneel on your knees.  Lower your head and cover with arms.   Do so in a secluded hallway that's away from windows.  You can also cover yourself with pillows, mattresses, or blankets in case any debris flies over you.  These procedures should also be done in schools and businesses.

*Outdoor tips

If you happen to be outdoors and there's no shelter to be found, lie down onto the ground in an open space.  The area should be away from any trees or obstructions that could fall on you.  Stay away from vehicles and bridges, since the tornado's strong winds can still sweep you away.   

Tornadoes are nothing to be played with.  They're dangerous and deadly.  Know what to do if a tornado should strike your area, and practice safety drills if necessary.  Keep a close watch for any severe weather bulletins issued in your vicinity, since tornadoes do occur with little or no warning.  You can save yourself a life by following simple, safe tornado tips.

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