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Top Ten Greatest Inventions of all Time

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"Top Ten Greatest Inventions of all Time"
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1. Wheel: The early man used his locomotive organs to move about from one place to another. Later he invented wheel that led to the invention of vehicles drawn by horses and bulls that eased his movement and enabled him to carry the heavy goods along. Today, wheel is used not only in the vehicles but also in many other heavy machinery and equipment.

2. Electricity: Electric bulb/lamp is the most important resultant of this invention. Apart, there are innumerable household appliances, likewise electric iron, fan, food processor, refrigerator, television, washing machine and many more, that run with electricity and without which our life would not have been so luxurious and speedy.

3. Money: In historical times, barter system used to be the medium of exchange. This system was primarily driven by wants. Say, for example, the seller of clay-pots had to find someone who can give him food-grains (or anything else that he wanted) in return. Money serves as a standard for measuring the exact worth of goods and services. It has made buying and purchasing very easy.

4. Medicines: Thanks to the advances in medical sciences, those have led to the invention of medicines that can cure almost all the diseases. Gone are the days, when the dreaded diseases would spread and wipe out populations.

5. Telephone: The invention of telephone is one of the major landmarks in the revolution of communication-technology. This is a parent to the genesis of mobile phones and other communication modes that have become so indispensable in our fast-moving lives.

6. Computer: This very invention has altogether revolutionized the present-day information-age. How quickly do we get connected to any part of the world in a matter of few seconds!

7. Airplane: It would not have been possible to holiday in our dream destination without this invention. How much the world is shrunk now?

8. Satellite: The importance of this invention is realized if we throw light on its uses including relaying television signals, taking photographs, sending telephone traffic, weather forecasting, space investigation, and pollution control.

9. Pesticides: Pesticides have made it possible to control and eliminate the plants and animals detrimental for humans and economy. Pesticides in many forms like attractants, insecticides, miticides, acaricides, molluscicides, nematocides, repellants, and rodenticides are used principally to reduce parasitism and disease transmission in domestic animals, the loss of crop plants, the destruction of processed food, textile, and wood products, and parasitism and disease transmission in humans.

10. Plastic: This material has replaced the expensive and heavy metal goods. A variety of daily-utility items, including polythene bags, kitchenware, brushes, brooms, mugs, buckets, pipes come in plastic. This has the advantage of being cheap and durable.

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