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Top Ten Greatest Inventions of all Time

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"Top Ten Greatest Inventions of all Time"
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There were so many inventions in the 20th century it's hard to know where to begin. I guess the most fitting place to start would be at the beginning of the century when Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin invented the Zeppelin (1900). Now granted, it's not an invention that has become an important commodity for you and I to use every day but you've got to admit, it was one heck of a good way to start the new century out. Let's not forget that it was followed very closely by the redesign of Jesse Reno's escalator by Charles Seeberger (1900 also). In fact, this redesign is the standard that today's escalator is designed by.
In 1901 we received two inventions that have certainly endured the test of time and although they have both been improved upon dramatically I am sure that you will agree that the double edged safety razor and the vacuum cleaner were inventions that we certainly don't want to think of doing without.
The amazing thing about all of these inventions that we experienced in the 20th century is that many of them you and I grew up with. We don't know (and really can't imagine) what it would be like not to have them. Can you imagine not having an air conditioner on a 95 degree day or not having a radio or T.V. to get you started in the morning and lullaby you to sleep at night? Can you imagine having to carry a quill pen and bottle of ink instead of a convenient ball point pen to sign that new contract with? Yep, all things that we grew up with and have never had to think of not having to do without.
To list all of the items that you and I have never had to do without would certainly take, at the very least, one rather large volume of printed material. However, dear reader, I do not intend to bore you with a blow by-blow, year-to-year description of the countless number of inventions that the 20th century had in store for us. My intent in this short little piece is to discuss but one invention one of such significance that I know I would certainly go insane without an invention that literally changed my life and, undoubtedly, the lives of many others ... an item so small that it can literally hide among a cluster of look-alikes, and would do so, except the manufacturer always provides its printed name or an icon nearby. By now you've got to know that I am talking about that wonderful little button found on our entertainment system controllers called MUTE.

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