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Top Ten Greatest Inventions of all Time

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"Top Ten Greatest Inventions of all Time"
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I think the development of a top ten list in this area is bound to be a highly debatable one. With many fantastic ideas, and innovations over time, arriving at a consensus will be difficult. I believe my top three choices, are the top three greatest inventions. I say that because I'm both arrogant, and pretentious... and right. The others, are my quickly thought out, probably ill considered, personal choices.

1. Language. In is my opinion, it is the formation of language. The ability to communicate with each other on a sophisticated level, that has set us on a path separate to that of the rest of nature.

2. Writing. The ability to record information, has given us a a species the ability to store data and acquire knowledge and experience, without having to go through the processes of actually reacquiring that knowledge and experience.

3. Mathematics. The basis of all modern technical accomplishment is built on a foundation of math.

4. Fire. The ability to harness fire, gave birth to, cooking, metallurgy, and sanitation. It provided a myriad of uses, including protection and lighting, and led to the development of charcoal.

5. Clothing. It provides protection from the diverse elements of the word, and has developed into uses such as bullet proof vests, camouflage, and lingerie. Gotta love clothing.

6. Printing. The ability to disseminate knowledge on a large scale gave man the ability to access more diverse spectrum's of thought on any particular idea or ideas. Giving rise to greater and speedier developments of arts, and technologies.

7. Agriculture. The ability to farm. The ability to feed ourselves, and through farming provide surplus food stores meant that people were freed from the tyranny of hunting and gathering. Allowing them to develop other forms of important human activity

8. Medicine. The art of healing, has developed from a primitive base into a myriad of technologies and procedures that has improved the human condition.

9. Government. A system whereby an executive administers society. Systems though possibly not very good in the past, have developed into highly organized, and structured entities, that allow us to live in harmonious and developed societies.

10. Money. The concept of coin in exchange for goods or services, has aided the development of all human activity since its inception, and forms the basis of our modern day society.

I was going to put God, or religion in as one of my choices. However I thought this was a more philosophical debate, and for that reason left it out. Anyway, I hope my choices spark some interest and argument.

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