Tips for Recovering from Hemorrhoid Surgery

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"Tips for Recovering from Hemorrhoid Surgery"
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Hemorrhoids are when veins in the anus become enlarged to the point where the surface area above the vein becomes itchy or painful. Hemorrhoids are in essence the same thing as varicose veins, the difference being the location of the veins. Because the anus is an area of the body that is particularly sensitive, hemorrhoids can become very uncomfortable. In most cases when hemorrhoids appear, they can be treated with medications and changes in diet to make better bowel movements.

In other cases however, hemorrhoids can grow progressively worse, which means they get bigger and more painful. Sometimes they can grow large enough that the person afflicted can simply reach down with a finger and push the hemorrhoid up into the anus so that it will not be hanging out in an uncomfortable manner. Other times though, the hemorrhoid grows so large or becomes so annoying or painful that surgery becomes the only option.

Fixing a hemorrhoid, is called a hemorrhoidectomy, because it involves removing the part of the vein that is causing the trouble and then sewing up the anal skin to control the bleeding. I most cases, sutures or staples of some sort are used that don’t have to be removed, they simply dissolve over time.

After the surgery, the patient is given a subscription for a pain killer and is then sent home. The patient may or may not be told that the pain that arises after the numbing agent wears off, is really, really bad. It hurts much more than you could ever imagine. It’s a biting, stinging, angry pain in one of the most sensitive parts of your body. It’s horrible.

Patients are told to soak in the tub two or three times a day, or to use a sitz bath if they don’t have a tub, and to use feminine napkins to catch the blood that leaks out of the wound, and that is about it.

One thing that many doctors neglect to mention is that while it is true that a good warm bath is good for keeping the wound clean, it’s also true that the moment you sit down in the hot water, the pain ceases, instantly, as if a door were suddenly slammed shut. It’s such a relief that you mind begins to cry a little bit. It’s just so wonderful.

So, you might find yourself taking more baths then the doctor ordered, but that’s okay, so long as you don’t sit in there all the time, because your wound won’t heal if you do that. Instead, try to pace yourself and take all the pain meds you are allowed, and then, do your darndest to do things that will take your mind away; read, watch an engaging movie, play video games; whatever it is that works for you, get your mind off your pain, because the meds help, but they don’t erase it quite enough.  

Fear not though, that horrible type pain will only last for the first day or so, after that it lessens dramatically, so clench your teeth and get through that first day, and you’ll be fine.

After that just keep up with your baths and soon you’ll be feeling ever so much more normal.

But don’t ever think that because you had the surgery that your anal discomfort will cease completely, because it won’t. The scar left behind will bother you for the rest of your life.

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