Tips for Finding a Good Psychologist

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"Tips for Finding a Good Psychologist"
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Good or Bad Psychologist?

Some signs are obvious if your psychologist isn't that good. Take for instance if he/she answers the phone during your session. Where's the commitment to you? Or perhaps as soon as your and your husband tell her your issues she looks directly into your husband's eyes and says he's right and that his wife has trust issues? After five minutes he's right? I think she was hitting on him personally.

I'm not an expert on good or bad psychologists but through the years have given a few a try. One I went back to I think three times, the other two I only saw once.

To be honest I didn't bond with any of them. They were all three women and I'm a woman....not sure if there is a connection there or not. However, the first one kept trying to read my body signals and it didn't seem right. She said my hand signals told her I was hungry? That was the third meeting. Never went back.

The second one referred me to someone after 10 minutes to work on my trust issues with and told my husband he could spend a lifetime reassuring me of his love. I thought that's what husband's were supposed to do....

OK bad psychologist number three took my side not my husband's told me to get financially stable leave him and oh by the way could I teach her how to hack into her daughter's emails as I had successfully done into his?! Never went back.

In the end a good psychologist I believe listens, really well, tells you what you want to hear and then tells you what you need to hear. Maybe she also brings you chocolate, lets you cry, and really has no clue if everything will ever be alright but believes in you and knows you'll succeed at whatever you try. I'm happy to say this psychologist is free and in my case only a phone call or two away. I've stopped turning to strangers and learned to use my best friends and sisters more. They know me. They understand me to a point and they definitely never know what to tell me to do about my problems but they make excellent arguments for both sides.

For now at least I'm leaving the professionals alone. I'm sure there are good ones out there or I like to think that there are at least. If I ever reach out for help to a stranger again maybe I'll try a man. I mean I've always trusted men for my gynecological needs why not my mental ones too.

Best tip: Try to find someone who makes you feel better.

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