Tips for Assessing your Errors and becoming a better Person

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"Tips for Assessing your Errors and becoming a better Person"
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How do you assess your errors, and become a better person? Well, as they say, the first step to solving your problem is to admit that you indeed have a problem. You have to be able to admit that you have faults, and then assess how you can make yourself a better person by fixing those mistakes. This isn't to say that you need to be perfect, or that you need to conform in order to make it in society, just that you can always improve upon yourself.

The first thing you need to do when assessing yourself is to put into context what the error is that you are trying to fix. Do you bite your nails too much, or do you just have a terrible time talking to people? Both are social issues, as it can be weird to see someone biting there nails, but if you combine that with anti-social behavior, people might just think you have issues. However, it is easier to stop biting your nails than it is to approach people, so maybe you solve that issue first.

If you can solve a little problem, it can give you confidence to solve other problems in your life. If you can stop biting your nails, you will see that you can change yourself if you really try. Maybe if you can stop biting your nails, you can talk to people too? You can start small, and just maybe talk to co-workers, or talk to people on-line, and then learn to approach people at parties. Once you see that not only have you conquered your nail biting problem, but you are better with people too.

What is my point here? No I am not saying that by not biting your nails, that you will talk to people. What I am saying is that it takes confidence, and some self-esteem to admit that you have a problem, and then go about changing yourself so that you make life easier for yourself. If you can conquer a little problem first, you will gain the confidence you need to take a chance and battle your bigger problems in life.

Remember that we all make mistakes, and we all have flaws. It isn't so much that you have a problem that is the problem, but how that problem impacts your life. If you can't talk to people, then you won't have relationships, you won't network in your professional life, and you will have a lower quality of life. If you can at least learn to be sociable, you can get along with people, and at least give yourself a chance at having a quality social life.

Assessing your errors, and taking steps to become a better person can take a lot of effort. It takes confidence in yourself that you will be a better person because of the changes you are making. It takes the ability to overcome your ego, and the pride factor when you make changes to your life. If you can take steps to change your life, you are only helping yourself, and not hurting your pride. We all can make changes to live a better life, and the ones that see this, and make changes are the ones that ultimately will be living a good life.

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