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As a teacher I had the class make a time machine after they had suggested the idea. Oh what fun they must have thought and so did I. So we had a class discussions to how we would actually do this and convey the sense that the machine could visit dimensions of time in the past and the future. I had been keen to make a film with this creative lot and now was my chance, so we decided to use the local Botanical Gardens as our stage and backdrop. The idea was to represent at least five different ages past and future, with each group of six in this class of thirty playing a part. We had pirates, spacemen, cavemen, beings from another planet, (they all wanted to be this one)jungle explorers, and cowboys. Now this was the best part, building the time machine. We used an old cardboard container that a refrigerator had comer in and decorated it with all sorts of silver foil and color, and even a face that asked us which dimension of time we wanted to enter. To make it more spectacular we had dry ice available which when we poured water onto and made smoky effects to introduce each period of history. The gardens even had a tropical jungle section, that the cavemen played their part in. As each time zone was introduced we let off a big cracker for special effects and filmed it blowing up. Now this was really good fun and an idea for teachers today, if they are exploring the concept about to be dissected by me.

Whether you can stop something like life rolling forward, or reverse the reel as we could in our film to go back in time, is a thought that has cropped up in many minds over time. To me it seems impossible, except through the medium of film or theater. They say life is not a dress rehearsal, so you have to be right 'in the moment' to get the best out of it. It is an interesting concept to work on and the only places you can go back in time to on earth today are like Borneo, or Papua -New Guinea, places where time has literally stood still because of impenetrable environments, that have meant discovery only in the last hundred years. A book about New Guinea was titled, 'The land where time stood still'. I honestly think you have to believe in U.F.O.'S to even comprehend a time dimension of going into the future. If you have seen one, like I have, in broad daylight hovering like a saucer with dazzling white, white lights and then speeding away, you know you have been witness to something of a time frame far in the future. We can certainly regress backwards as happened in the Dark Ages of Europe, but mostly we live in the 'now'.

You can extrapolate as much as you want with complicated formulae claiming to have found a way, but your own life does not revisit history or go forward in to the future, so how could a machine do it? Why, the most advanced robot today can only walk slowly and has no feelings. It is an interesting concept though and some people have claimed they have seen their ancestors or even close relatives come back to them in 'spirit' form. Look at the popularity of programs like 'Crossing Over' and the 'Ghost Whisperer'. The only person I have read about who could go into any dimension at all, past, present and future, was Jesus. Look at the transfiguration on Mount Tabor where Jesus appeared with Moses and Elijah. Jesus also claimed he had been round before the world was. 'Before the world was, I was' (Jesus of Nazareth). I rest my case there, as there has never been anyone like Him before, now, or in the 'future'.(Maybe then. Let us hope He can fix the mess the world is in now!)

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