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The subconscious, or unconscious, rules at least sixty percent of life. This is where dreams live. In the modern world, we've largely dismissed all of this, even though it's a vital aspect to the human brain.

You have a feeling that something might be wrong. You don't know why or how; you just basically woke up with this peculiar inclination. Later, you hear some bad news, though it might not be as bad as you'd feared.

Intuition, ESP, unconscious perception . . . call it what you will. It is not Science Fiction. It's a part of life; always has been, and always will be.

Perhaps you've recently published your first novel and it's selling okay but showing no promise of becoming a bestseller. You go to to check out the reviews posted there.

Nervousness grips you, but somewhere within is a feeling that it's all okay. You have no right to feel this optimism, really, because other reviews have trashed it for reasons you don't understand.

Still, something in you perceives the jungle of posted reviews as a lush land of promise instead of a mysterious place filled with wild beasts.

Trying not to sweat bullets (as if you can stop them), you finally check out the reviews. Everyone that has posted likes it except one; and that one said it was good, not just her cup of tea.

It's still not a bestseller, but seeing this is better than a million-dollar check or even the Pulitzer. Well, for the moment it is, anyway.

Another example may be a farmer who has gone into his barn a million times without thinking about it, yet today something gives him pause. His hand brushes the door, but he knows better than to go in without being cautious. But he doesn't understand why he should be cautious.

It turns out that a couple of wild, orphaned puppies have found a warm place to bed down in the hay. The old cow doesn't care; she's been around dogs her whole life. The pups are afraid of her, but their need for shelter overcomes that fear when she doesn't bother them.

This sort of thing happens to all of us, to a greater or lesser degree.

There's a connection between our brains and the electromagnetic energy of the earth. Science can't quite explain it yet. Most scientists claim that such things are impossible. But science that writes off such commonplace things as fantasy isn't true science.

A religious person may see it as God's voice speaking to them. Someone else may call it intuition. Ironically, it's often the people of earth-bases religions who call it for what it is: knowledge that comes through this connection between our minds and the elements.

This doesn't mean that the earth is a sort of intelligence or a library that gives us information. In a way, it is, as any geologist can tell you. But in the case of unconscious perception, we have to remember that the earth is in us; the dust of the earth is the same dust we leave behind when we die.

This is what the expression "the earth (or wind or whatever) speaks." We haven't forgotten how to hear it because it comes to us subconsciously. But it does seem like we've forgotten how to listen.

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