Things that Make you Cry Easily

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"Things that Make you Cry Easily"
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Being accused of being over sensitive happens a lot to those that are sympathetic to those around them.

For some simply watching the evening news is an exercise in depressing themselves. There are wild fires currently burning in California and the U.S. still has soldiers over seas. The loss of property and life between these two things will send some running from the room in tears.

Then there are others that the idea of a stray dog wandering the streets makes cry. They see the animal running across the highway and tear up thinking of the possibility of coming back and seeing him laying on the road side. Thinking about that leads them to think about all the animals around the world that are starving, neglected and homeless.

The thought of homeless animals can lead these people to think of all the homeless people in the world. Tears are then shed for all those people that have no food and nowhere to go. Which leads them to think of the weather's affect on them. Will the heat get to them? Will the cold freeze them?

Then they cry for all those that live paycheck to paycheck. The children that don't understand broke and the ones that know it all too well. What brings about the tears? The people experiencing them are never really sure.

Anything from natural disasters to checking the mail can make you cry. It all depends on your state of mind on any given day and whether or not you have any additional stress.

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