They have the right to be Treated – No

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"They have the right to be Treated - No"
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Smokers although diminishing in the United States as they become educated on the dangers of smoking. Obesity growing rampantly as the media shoves Mcdonalds, Burger King, SubWay, Quiznos, and the many other Fats Food restaurants that rush to get our dollars. They do get them because it is cheaper with Extra Value Menus and Supersizing the fries and soda. The fat and carbs in both the drink and fry alone are enough to send you into cardiac arrest.

Obesity, although primarily caused by diet or bad diet is not the only reason our world is gaining weight and having trouble losing it. There are many factors that are involved these days that have caused people to be more apt to have Heart Disease which is now the Number One Killer of Women and number two killer of men.

Many insurance companies are failing carriers of insurance are being penalized due to their health issues and are being punished when they have to use insurance to repair damage done by their disease. With that in mind also many physicians are stopping the treatment of patients with such disorders because of Mal-Practice claims.

Pharmaceutical companies are also flooding physicians with new drugs to pawn off on the trusting patient which causes more problems than the actual ailment they are being treated for. It is like stabbing a man with a gunshot wound to relieve the pressure of the bullet but leaving the bullet in because it is easier than removing it.

Why are physicians denying these lifesaving techniques to their patients. They are afraid. They are afraid of lawsuits. They are afraid of losing their career by making a mistake. They do not want people to die but they are afraid to try and fix something that is not working properly until it is the last thing they can do. Should we take better care of ourselves to keep from having these problems. Of course but how? The media tell America to stop smoking and to lose weight, yet the same media markets to people the things that cause our health problems.

The lawmakers continue to push americans to sue, sue, sue when they get sick from using a drug that was supposed to help them live a better life. The good Samaritan won't even stop to help a stranded person because they can get sued too.

Although we know that anyone who is ill should get the care they deserve whether they are rich or poor or even if they continue to shove Krispy Kreme Doughnuts into their chubby cheeks or light that chemically transformed cancer stick, those people deserve to be treated.

Just remember if you are sick it is not the Doctors fault and if he cant cure you or makes an Honest mistake while treating you and you sue him you just might have killed someone else.

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