There is too much Evidence that we actually Landed on the Moon for it to have been a Hoax – Real

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"There is too much Evidence that we actually Landed on the Moon for it to have been a Hoax - Real"
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There is a society in England called the Flat Earth Society. Many members believe that the moon landings were done in a studio like in the movie "Capricorn One" about the first Mars landing. It came out before the 10th anniversary of the first moon landing. With 2009 being the 40th anniversary of Armstrong planting the flag into the moon, let's look at the facts.

NASA was in nearly constant contact with the astronauts from launch until the crafts were on the back side of the moon. For the astronauts to not reach the moon would be like saying Columbus never sailed to the New World. The images that were transmitted back to earth could not have come from a studio because we didn't have the technology to fake them at the time.

Ham radio operators intercepted transmission between NASA and the astronauts. Some may have heard Armstrong talk about alien crafts, if that did happen. Supposedly there is an alien base on the back side of the moon and Armstrong said the crafts there looked menacing. No writer at the time would have imagined that such things existed. So if the landing on July 20, 1969 were faked, there would have been no mention of aliens, if that actually happened.

There are people who know the Eagle Lunar Excursion Module landed because they watched it happen through their telescopes. The LEM may have been too small to see clearly. But the dust kicked up by the lander was seen by the people watching with their telescopes. If some of these people took photos or movie footage through the eye pieces of their telescopes showing the LEM landing, it should be released to try and convince skeptics that we actually did land on the moon.

There were a laser range finder and lunar earthquake detector left on the moon. The laser range finder was used to bounce laser beams from earth off of it to see how far away the moon was from earth. If the reflector were not there, NASA could not have found out the exact distance the moon was from earth. Also, lunar quakes have been detected along with seismic readings when the escape module of the LEM took off to be joined to Columbia. Those two pieces of equipment being used is proof that we landed on the moon.

Rocks and soil samples were collected on the moon and brought back to earth. They were examined closely by scientists who know they were not of this world. The area that people claim a hoax was carried out at didn't have that type of soil or rocks. How the rocks and soil could have been "planted" is next to impossible.

Over a billion people saw Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walk on the moon on TVs around the world. The time it took for communications to go back and forth between the moon and Houston was accurate. There is too much evidence that we actually landed on the moon for it to have been a hoax.

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