There is no Good Place a Body can go when we Die

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"There is no Good Place a Body can go when we Die"
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The problem with dying today is that our souls do not leave our bodies entirely the minute we die and leave an empty shell - our corpse - completely ready for anything that may come. Because of our modern unhealthy diets, the overabundance of food that we eat, the multitude of medication we take and the emotional turmoil we often face in this modern and frightening world, our souls are not as light as they were in days of old when Adam and Eve walked the earth. Our souls therefore are bogged down and are embedded in our bodies, kept there because of all of the things we absorb on a daily basis, such as those mentioned above. We are also forced to take in pollutants and chemicals of all kinds from what exists in the atmospher of our world today. All of these things together make our souls heavy and bog them down, embedding them deeply into our bodies. When we die, therefore, even though part of our soul may depart, there is much of us still alive inside the body.

To die with part of our soul still deeply enmeshed within us is frightening. In the past we shot up quickly through the crown of our head and went straight up and out, clear upwards on our way to heaven (if we were good). Now, because of the heavier load we carry, our souls do not just jump out. So we leave in pieces, and some of us is left behind.

Therefore, I ask, is cremation a good thing? I do not want my body burned with my soul still partially inside. That would hurt! Additionally, I do not want to be buried. Then my soul, underground, in the dark, surrounded by a decomposing body, might simply suffocate from lack of oxygen. Or, if not that, I would have to spend eternity down there all alone in a small box in absolute petrification. Does that sound nice? Also, what about the morgue? If you are still partially alive in your supposedly dead body, how would it feel to be frozen alive?

What other alternatives are there? In this day and age, there seem none. I think every day, where do I want as my final resting place? My soul of course wants to go to heaven - and in one piece, if you please. But that seems unlikely. But what about my body? Where do I want that to go? I cannot even begin to know. Being burned, being buried - no way! And then there's the terrifying idea of being scattered at sea in billions of tiny pieces of ash. First you are burned alive and then you are scattered. Nothing seems worse than that.

I think a soul wants to stay together, as one, not be divided in pieces. How else would it collect itself so that it could come back and reincarnate and try again here in this interesting experience we call life?

Dying is just not what it used to be. I for one do not look forward to it. I do not have a burial plot, a cremation plan, a pact with the Neptune Society. I want to come back and be a higher and better and brighter star, shining with accomplishments and helping to save this dying earth we call home. But what must I do to make that a reality? I just do not know.

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