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When you hear the name Einstein you immediately think "Genius", and rightly so because of his various contributions to mankind. Einstein is primarily known for his Theory of relativity and special relativity. A portion of that is the equation for energy which is E=MC 2 . Within the context of this equation E, stands for energy and M stands for Mass and C stands for the speed of or the velocity of light.

As mass approaches the speed of light it is converted into energy. Albert Einstein was able to prove that the speed of light is the fastest speed we can attain. He wondered if you placed a light beam on a speeding rocket ship would the light travel any faster. Well we know through his studies that the speed of light would not be influenced by or anything else.

Einstein's theory looked at time and determined that it is not absolute. In other words time is subject to the speed of an object. Also time may be different for someone standing on the ground as it is for someone traveling at a high rate of velocity on a space ship. The faster an object travels the slower time goes. Just think if a human being could travel at the speed of light. Wouldn't that be great time management. I mean be could get more done in the space of an hour than you normally would. You could drag that hour on for, well hours and days. Ah, but alas we know that is not possible so we have to make due with the 24 hours we are given.

At the speed of light time actually stands still. This is a hard concept to fathom. What happens when time stands still? Does the aging process stop? I heard some say yes and others say no. It would seem to me that the aging process would indeed stop because as we age we are subject to all the different things that take place due to the movement of time. Things such as the change of seasons, light, darkness, plants, and in general our environment.

Also we as entities or systems continue to grow, evolve and advance due to time. Do these things stop? The theory of relativity is indeed a hard concept to grasp and fathom. The faster an object travels the slower time goes. Could this be the explanation for the discrepancies as far as how old is man, or the earth or the universe? What if a speed is what distorted these during creation? It all just makes you wonder.

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