Theories on the Evolution of the Primate Order

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"Theories on the Evolution of the Primate Order"
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For the past two hundred years serious thought has gone into man's beginnings. The most commonly accepted theory is evolution; specifically that mankind evolved from prehistoric primates. Many of the findings of the 20th century claim to support this theory; the Neanderthal man being one of the proofs of the various steps of evolution from primate to man.

But a new technology has risen to challenge the claim that the various "cave man" specimens prove that humanity started as monkeys. There is a new computer program, used extensively by the dental profession that has had some very interesting findings.

This system maps a person's mouth and is able to create a projection of what dental issues children and adults alike may face in the future. Using maturation principles the system can give an accurate forecast of, not only the future dental structure, but also how the rest of the patient's face may be affected by the changes of the mouth over time.

A dentist in Michigan, experimenting with this machine, scanned his own oral and facial structure into the computer. Out of curiosity he programmed the machine to forecast what his teeth would look like in 900 years. The result was not a little astonishing.

The dentist found himself looking into his own face . . . but he looked exactly like a Neanderthal Man. The computer predicted that in 900 years his mouth and face would grow in such a way that his appearance would be that of prehistoric man. He has since reproduced his findings on other patients.

Here is a New Theory on the Evolution of the Primate Order: They didn't. Neither did man.

Many sources, including secular and sacred writings, tell us that humans used to live much longer than they currently do; multiple hundreds of years. It is 100% possible that the fossil remains of creatures, once believed to be missing links, are actually the remains of men and women who lived to be many hundreds of years old.

The only kind of evolution that has ever occurred is evolution within a specie. Primates have always been primates and human beings have always been human beings.

We just not that good looking after 900 years.

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