The use of Fungi in Making Beer

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"The use of Fungi in Making Beer"
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Ah, yeast one of the most important fungi let alone one of the most important ingredients. Yeast is basically one of the most important ingredients to making alcohol. Without yeast, there would be no beer, no wine, no alcohol. All alcoholic beverages do contain ethanol produced by fermentation yeast. Which is the yeast that responsible for the fermentation process metabolizing all the carbohydrates.

For alcohol, there are two types of fermentation yeast. You have your regular fermentation yeast in making wine. You have your brewer's yeast for brewing beer. There are two types of brewer's yeast called top-fermenting and bottom fermenting.

When you use a top-fermenting yeast, foam forms at the top of brew of the wort during the fermentation process. When that happens, the alcohol content of the brew is higher. But they can have a fruitier and sweeter taste. Ale is a product of brewing with top-fermenting yeast.

And yes, the sweeter tasting beer is the one that will get you drunk much faster. This is from personal experience. The reason I don't drink beer much because I haven't found one that tasted sweet. Nor have I adjusted my taste to beer. I prefer drinking stuff like Smirnoff Ice which is a beer alterative. I can assume that drinks like Smirnoff Ice is a result of brewing with top-fermenting yeast. There are many times I've gotten drunk off the sweet tasting stuff.

Keep in mind, top-fermenting yeast need higher temperatures.

Bottom-fermenting yeast produces lager. What bottom-fermenting yeast does is to ferment more sugars. It's better at low temperatures. This is why you're less likely to get drunk off of beer than the other alcohols if you've grown accustomed to alcohol.

The type of yeast differs in the type of beer that's being brewed. Distilation of ethanol solution from fermentation produces whiskey, rum, vodka, and other alcoholic non-beers and wines.

For wine, the yeast converts the sugars present in grapes into alcohol. Yes, wine is made from grapes. Red wine is made from red grapes. White wine is made from white grapes. Luckily, yeast is still present on the grapes which is why I see it's powdery when my mom buys them at the grocery store.

Depending on what type of yeast is used, you'll come out with a different wine. When certain types of yeasts grow, the wine becomes no good.

So fungi has the most important use in making alcohol. It's the one factor that converts whatever fruit or wheat extracts in the brewing tank into alcohol. Without yeast, there is no alcohol. My friend was stationed in the Middle East during his time in the Air Force and wished that he had alcohol. The guy he bunked with knew how to make alcohol. The main ingredient he needed was yeast. My friend called his girlfriend to send him yeast. Unfortunately, the glass container with the yeast was broken upon arrival.

Without fungi, I wouldn't be able to drink out of joy or depression. If fungi didn't exist, I wouldn't have been able to get drunk out of depression when Bush got re-elected in 2004.

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