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Everyone of us has an ego, and we all experience the actions of our ego in our lives. In this article, I will discuss the ego from a personal experience, and then relate it back to the way we can understand our ego, and so allow it to work for us, rather than against us, in our life.

I had an experience recently in which my ego, my mind, my higher self and my soul all took part.
It happened like this. I had been to my local doctor, because I had been experiencing some severe headaches, and memory loss, or periods of blankness. The doctor seemed to panic right away, and he wanted me to have an immediate CT scan for my brain, because I told him that I had had some memory blanks, and recognition problems with surroundings and people. The doctor didn't seem to want to monitor the symptoms at all any further.

I went to the radiologist in the next city to where I live the very next morning. They wanted me to sign a release form for me to have an injection of iodine. They then wanted me to waiver the possible consequences, from the possible side effects, and possible adverse reactions, such as nausea, respiratory problems, and even my death. The signing of this release absolved them of all claims, and so they would not be responsible for anything that happened to me after that.

It was then that I got a very loud message, coming into my head.

No, I heard so loudly. Don't do this, don't go ahead with this at all. It's all really unnecessary, and it is just an over processing extremist type of reactionary response, from my doctor, who perhaps panicked too quickly, from the description, that I had given to him, of my symptoms.

I then quickly followed my intuitional call to action, and so I cancelled the appointment, and went home.

What are the hidden truths here for me that are all hidden within this experience?

It had all began that morning after an incident right at the very onset of my day, and even before getting to the radiologists office, while parking my car in front of an old man's house, who then told me to shift it, because he was painting the roof of his house. He was concerned for my car, as he thought that the paint, could blow onto my car while I was parked there.

When I did arrive at the office, I opened the door wide for an old man in his wheelchair, also entering the Radiologist's office, at the same time as I was about to enter. When I was sitting in the waiting room, I had switched off my mobile phone, and later I noticed that I had missed answering two important business phone calls, while waiting in the waiting room.

A long and interesting sequence of interconnecting events all linked to this appointment. Was there any real connection going on here via my intuition going past my ego to my soul? Is there a relationship between our ego and our soul? Was there any of my own real truth trying to reach me during any of these experiences, or is life really only just consisting and made up of coincidences, and just random events?

Was there any real reason that I had to go there to that appointment, or had I just wasted my own time, as well as the other people's time involved?

Was it possible that an ulterior and hidden lesson was embedded into this experience to enable me to learn in a unique way to strengthen, and to feel more strongly, the strength of my own intuitional wisdom, talking to me, trying to reach me, and to get my attention, from my soul? Did it help me to gain some inner strength now, and then from awarely recognising this strength, was I prompted to stop the procedure from occurring for me, and so to follow my own soul's direction, and path for once, in my life?


Actually every event in our lives is always being set up in this way for a divine purpose. There is of course a connecting reason also, on each level of our existence, for every one of our experiences as well.

We all live on several different levels all at the same time. The soul is said to reside in the higher God worlds. We live our human existence in the lower or physical worlds. Between these two worlds, are a myriad of other worlds. There are the astral, or emotional world, the mental or thinking world, and the intuitional or etheric worlds, all existing for us to help us to experience our life more fully and deeply as well, as we gain experiences for our soul by entering these various worlds, and taking on bodies there on each plane.

On the lower levels, this experience was showing me various aspects required in the proper relating to my fellow humans. Of course it is not really a lower level, as in the meaning of denigrating or putting down in any way this particular level, but I mean only learning from an experience based in the physical plane, as such. At the higher soul level, I felt soul come strongly through, and I felt that, that was my soul's reason, or the real reason for all of this drama and pantomime, really happening and taking place to me.

It was all so that I could feel and experience my soul talking to me through my ego self, and for me as the overseer of myself, to then begin to realise the benefit of following my soul, and then to really and actively actually follow it.

Fear helped here as well, because my ego felt fear arising from the description of the procedure, and so my ego dropped back cowardly, leaving the decision to my soul, and making it responsible for the overall decision. My soul then stepped in, and spoke forcefully, and I followed it, without questioning it. Well done, I thought to myself.

The ego had taken a back seat for once in my life. This showed me that fear can actually serve soul, by causing the ego to retreat, for a minute, in this way. The ego is a coward really, and it is all talk, with very little action. The ego is fearful, and rather lazy.

Fear will always influence your ego, and be received by it, however often it will not allow love in, or the response of love from your heart, to be taken and followed. Too often your ego will claim that it is the one doing the loving, when truthfully it is the heart of you, soul, that is always doing the loving.

And so the ego feels fear, and then retreats. I should try to remember this lesson, I thought to myself, and when I again feel any fear arising at another time, I can again watch my ego retreat helplessly, because of it not wanting to be in charge anymore, and so it then withdraws, and tries to hide away. At this stage I need to watch myself, the real me, soul, stepping forwards once more again with its true strength, and wisdom, and the knowledge of what I should actually do right now.

Our soul will always do this for us, and this is a comforting thought for us to embrace, and this is the real reason that explains the enormous strength that some people can often find in a crisis situation. We all can witness this sometimes in our own lives as well, or we might read about it happening in other people's lives.

We then need to follow our soul quickly, before our ego recovers, and before it will again try to suck onto this strength coming from our soul, to try to reattain its own bluster, and to regain its dominant position back once more again, in our life, if it can do so. The ego will always try to wrest back control given a chance to do so. It thinks its position is to run the show for you.

When this begins to happen, stop and don't let it happen to you anymore. Be soul, and so be you. Be more, and more your soul, and to not be only your ego so often, all of the time, was the clear message, and relevant lesson, that I was hearing from the real me, soul.


And so was the brain scan really necessary, for me after all? What was actually causing my blankness, and the loss of my sense of direction, or bearing sometimes?

Well, my soul, I feel was telling me that it wasn't necessary, and that it would have shown no problems there, and that it was a knee jerk reaction, and too quick a response to the way that I described the feelings I had, and which are only natural at times to all people.

The mind, or the ego must not be allowed to dictate the rules of the game to you, or to try to run your life for you. Sure it can help set up the scenery, and it will influence you, but the rules that you follow need to be always yours. These rules and guidelines established by your soul to help you live more awarely, have all come from your past experiences, and of recognising your own truth in your experiences, which leads to your developing a degree of wisdom in your soul.

This wisdom is categorised for you into codes, and recommended ways of living, as recommended only by your own self. There are no other laws, or rules in your life, that ever need to govern, or influence you in any other way, except for these laws, that you create for yourself, in this way. The only laws that you are better off following then, are the laws and guidelines established from yourself, experiencing your own truth from living them, through the real life actual experiences of them.

Don't be panicked by your ego, or by events happening in your life. Just work from what actually is, happening from your soul's perspective. You are soul, and your mind is more like a machine, and sometimes a connection will seem to misfire, sometimes because of a sudden shock, or something like that.

This then sometimes causes your mind to jump onto another track of itself, and the needle then might seem to jump a beat or two, and so you can feel misaligned, unbalanced and out of tune with your life, and or your surroundings for a minute or two. If we can just begin to realise this, then this will become the first step towards putting it all back together again, in the best possible way that we can.

A question that we might then ask ourselves is this one. If I'm the one listening to me, soul, who am I?Who is this, "I" the one that is actually listening, and following my soul?

You are soul, but you have functioning bodies on each plane of existence, or level. On the physical plane you have you, which is the human, and which is fully alive here freely and somewhat independently. This is the I, that initially listens to your soul, and it has its own directive power, or self so to speak, to do the listening. The human self has its ego, its mind, and its higher self, but above all of this is the soul, still residing on a higher vibrational level than your human self. It's your higher self that connects to your soul, and which is mostly you while you are domiciled in this human arena, down here on the Earth.

Of course some of you might be thinking that I have this rendition, or interpretation of my experience, all back to front. Maybe it was actually my soul guiding me to have the brain scan, and my ego acting up out of fear, to stop me from going ahead with it.

Only the person himself, only ever really knows himself, and deep down we all know when it is our ego, and when it is our soul, that is guiding us or influencing us, in our own lives. When it is a message from your soul, you will feel the truth behind it, the directness of the message to you, and you will feel the authority of its voice, with an accompanying great power and strength and conviction, that this is really correct for you to follow.

I feel it running through me as a deep inner resonance of a connection to an inner source of wisdom and that this is the only path to take. It just feels right to the core. When it's your ego speaking to you, it only ever just feels right on the surface and I always have a nagging knowing that its only the ego out for it's kicks again. My conscience tells me when it is ego, even as I begin to feel a twitch of ego pleasure, that is not a true loving pure pleasure of joy and happiness that only comes from my soul.

What is the real key then, to understanding our ego, and which enables us to work with it, and not against it?

The ego being in control of you results from an impediment of solitary injustice being seemingly perpetrated to you from the lower worlds, at some time in your existence while there. The ego backs up and creates a defensive position for you, utilising all that it has at its disposal to use. It uses your mind, your thinking and your emotions, and it will even use your actual physicality, in a way to defend itself, against what it feels and surmises is an attack, coming towards it from outside of it.

This defensive strategy, once set up for you in this way, can then cause you many future problems, because once in place, it is hard to dislodge. Similar to the old flight or fight response, remaining as a survival instinct in us all, the ego then kicks in, and starts these subconscious programs, or unconsciously created defensive strategies, and your ego allows them to replay themselves again and again in your life.

The way to bypass this replaying of old defensive strategies, and living from outdated thinking, and even the holding of those beliefs that are no longer being questioned by the real you, is to create a connective influence again to yourself, coming from your soul. This is done only by listening to the intuitional voice of your soul.

And by listening to your soul's voice, it is then strengthened in your life, and eventually you will live only from soul, with your ego then helping to implement your soul's plans for your life, rather than blocking them, by kicking in with these past links to outdated ways of being and behaving, and by then your ego will finally stop trying to run your life, for you.

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