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The Truth about Life Aliens Ufos True Story where does Life come from Extraterestrials

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"The Truth about Life Aliens Ufos True Story where does Life come from Extraterestrials"
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No! We are not alone! The facts are real, and undisputed that we are not alone in the universe. There are depths of ocean on earth we have not explored yet! One would have to be very narrow minded or ignorant about the universe to believe that we are the only life form that exist. Insects have us beat hands down. Shoot, a cockaroach has been around for millions of years! Cockaroaches was here when moses split the red sea! Nah, I'm making light of the subject because it is so refreshing to me everytime I consider that I am not the only life force in the universe. When you open your mind to the possibities of life existing else where other than earth, then and only then can you explore the the facts that has been passed down from mans first rock art about, alien life.

It is a fact that religions world wide have actual picture or doctrine concerning alien life in the universe or where ever they come from. You don't believe me, do the research yourself. It's common knowledge nowadays to at least investigate before you give yourself to denial, or anger. The History Channel, Discovery Channel, and Barnes and Knobles all have something in common in relation to this topic. They are just a few of the places you can get information about the "possibility" of life forms existing in the universe. Its up to you to draw your own conclusions, remember though, seperate "fact" from "fiction". Too many documents exist that depict alien life descending to earth for me to not take the topic seriously. After I did my research and respected the experiences that I had encoutered with seeing a UFO personally, I've concluded that we are not alone.

My theory is another thing, I also believe that we are sort of like the main circus attraction of the universe. I believe that other life forms when they are seen by us are only visiting the "real life" planets like we go to the movies. They don't want to really interact with us, even though there are public documents that say man is already in daily interactions with beings from other worlds I can't co-sign it, because I have not seen it with my own two eyes, my guess is, its true. I believe that during the creation of the earth as we know it today, meteors that bumbarded the planet in her early stages; into her teenage stage was carrying not only basic metals but life in them as well too! It is impossible scientifically to get life from death; religion wise it is not. The point is, in order to have life you need life to be living in order to create it. Hope I didn't lose you. lol.

Scientifically, it has been proven that meteors played a major role in the development of our mother earth in order for us to be alive here today! It is undisputed on earth that you need water to be alive. It is an undisputed fact that ice sheets cover other planets and moons. Heck, stop reading this article and go to You Tube and watch the new discoveries of some type of glass tunnel in the surface of Mars. Is it fact or fiction? How the hell can a primitive man that was living today know how to ride a motorcycle, use a cellphone, or even use a ticket machine in the subway? For some strange reason it seems that primitive man manipulated, moved, and constructed great monuments thousands of years ago. Could a primitive man living today do basic math according to our systems? A primitive man was able to document the sun, moon, and the stars. Ever wonder, how on earth did he learn how to do these things.

Why on earth would someone document something they had never ever seen before in their life? Better yet. Can you document anything that you have not seen, touched, tasted, smelled, or even heard? Logically, its impossible. Today we are supposed to be intellectually smarter than any homosapien that has walked on the planet, maybe we are or maybe we're not. It appears to me that with out the help of some outside source mr. primitive man would be just that, mr. primitive. They had help erecting and carving stones that weighed more than a city bus loaded with people. Why are there pyramids around the globe that was built by different cultures at different times? Thousands of years apart man has made some type of recording about beings flying, and being involved with mans development spiritually and culturally.  The evidence is public information all you have to do is go and see it for yourself. If you look objectively with no judgement at all, if you can; you'll see that your perception will start to lean in the opposite direction.

In fact, just say to  yourself, "Okay,  Life does exist other than humans in the universe." See you later guys!

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