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The Truth about Global Dimming

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"The Truth about Global Dimming"
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"The Truth about Global Dimming"

European scientists and environmental groups are taking "Global Dimming" seriously, so why are Americans so skeptical? Probably because we have become such a cynical people always assuming if it doesn't affect us it isn't so! Think again
America......"Global Dimming" does affect us.

Evidence for "Global Dimming":

1. Research the work of English Scientist Gerry Stanhill...he has compared sunlight records from the 1950's to the present and the results are very interesting!

His results indicate that "Global Dimming" varies from country to country, but overall there is a discernible 1%-2% global decline in solar radiation. The USA showed a 10% decline, so it does effect us too!
Check out his 2001 published research on this issue.

2. Australian scientists using different methods of investigation of "Global
Dimming" also recognize this is an immediate concern needing attention by the global community (especially in light of their present extreme drought).

3. Check out the work of Dr. Peter Cox an expert in climate modeling. He projects CO2 levels are rising and has global models concerning how this interacts
with the Greenhouse Effect

4. Marine Biologists are investigating how the oceans are being effected by
less sunlight, which effects the world's rainfall not just marine life.

5. Examine the "Chem Trail" issue... The sky is full of airborne soot,ash,sulpher and "other" toxic particles.

6. One more piece of "evidence" - if the water is increasingly polluted here
on Earth (and water comes from rain) what do you think is in the clouds? Wake-up!

So is this "Global Dimming" a REAL threat? Check out your skies and stop being
the ultimate skeptic. Is it not better to err ( if this is a scientific mis-calculation)on the side of planet earth? Should we not be good Stewards of what we
have been given? It is not always easy to prevent catastrophe, but it is certainly
better to stop doing something before it becomes a disaster.
"Global Dimming" is a WARNING of what is to come....have you looked up lately?

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