The True Nature of Aliens Humans from the Future

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"The True Nature of Aliens Humans from the Future"
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Alien Inside

Each and everyone of us has an alien inside. That part of you which feels it doesn't belong.Alienated and lost in the deep dark shadows of all your past pains and hurts and scarred over wounds. The longing to return home from whence you came. The feeling that at any moment a special unit of the federal government could come rushing into your home and suddenly whisk you off to some far off secret chamber to dissect your every emotional flaw with the fine percision stroke of a genius surgeon's cut. When the winter of the soul hits this often most assuredly suggests a dark night of the soul. I am here to say that everyone of us has a cosmic astronaut being living within side of us. That part of you that existed before you entered the fleshly womb of your mother. The soft pink container of an infant filled to the brim with the creamy goodness of God. Come to Earth to partake in all it's riches and glories and heaven sent whisps of eternity. In your most down trodden moment of sadness you are the alien from another world.That which does not belong who has outcasted itself from the ranks of normal smiling society. Driving around in your shiney disc thru the skies only to find you have a little engine trouble and suddenly crash dive into a parched patch of woods to be met by an onslaught of rifle wielding rednecks with twitching fingers hitting triggers wedging bullets into your body bringing you to your last breath. Ever have a day that went so bad it came close to that? Interstellar travelers frollicking on the realms of Earth sending messages to our smart living glowing ethereal brains that the time has come. Are you them popping into Earth to try to shake things up for the sake of the masses awakening to a cosmic level of growing consciousness and awareness?During a time of great tradgedy for me personally in 1993 and in the years to come. I was shaked with a series of events that have forever changed my psyche and the way I viewed life forever. Going thru chemo and beating cancer and then shortly afterwards the death of my father.A shamanistic awakening which gave me a glimpse behind the veil. I saw beings from otherworlds and bizarre starcraft that are etched into the asylum of the walls of mymind in hieroglyphic form for all of infinity. Beings of glorious light and shadowey reptilians in the moonlight night. Their were indeed ships in my skies that were for some odd strange reason attracted to me. They wanted me to see them and they knew I saw them. At one point the government became involved and sent vehicles to monitor the hotspot of my home and the experiences that were occuring. Of course they stayed in the dark and never approached me once but they did indeed know these events were happening in the deep woods of Hampton Georgia by the Atlanta motor speedway. Multiple witnesses from my family to many friends who also saw these events.I am here now to gather data and meet others who have been witness to such miraculous happenings.On May 3, 2004 I decided to make an online community named Mabus which is now The Mabus Scarab to discuss these topics further. People from all over the world come to talk about the strange and bizarre.Many of us have met in person and partied hard. Two members met online there and shortly down the road got married and are still together to this day. I guess you could say I built a home for all of us aliens. A mothership if you will to travel thru cyberspace with. After dealing with the psychologicial crisis of my experiences for so long i've tried to run from them by sweeping them under the rug thru addiction and fear driven behavior. I've isolated myself and gotten off scope of what happened to me and why it happened to me. The mystery of it all. I am not alone many have gone thru strange experiences and the marketplace of ufo books and documentaries is booming more than ever. It's all about information now and who is seeking the truth. Trying to survive by working at a pet store how fitting this alien works at a pet store around so much life. Am I gathering data on specimens for other sets of super consciousnesses far up above? It my soul purpose to gather information regarding other people's paranormal experiences.I am also in the process of writing a novel revolving around my paranormal experiences.

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