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The Survivors Club

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The Survivor's Club, The Secrets and Science That Could Save Your Life is a book written by American author and journalist Ben Sherwood. It aims to help people and provide specific and useful information on life-threatening adversities that could either have a huge stinging effect in one's life or completely end his/her existence.

Basically, this New York Times Bestselling book is full of amazing stories of survival that could serve as an inspiration to those people who are facing struggles and bad weathers. The book documents true stories of survival from amazing people who displayed a commendable degree of resiliency.

It details each and every critical move that the survivors took in order for them to escape the death row. The information related in the book are useful yet trivial like, Where is the best place to suffer from a heart attack? or How can birthday parties prove to be dangerous for one's well being?

The book reminds us that death is just around the other corner of the street, possibly lurking in the shadows of trash cans, a piece of rock, a string or a lamppost. A great part of the book shares in-depth and profound knowledge on how these extremely normal yet colossally remarkable individuals cope up with critical life and death situations.

The stories were just surreal and genuine. In addition the tips are useful and intriguing. Who knows? We might suddenly find ourselves trapped in, say, a lion's den and perhaps try out the effectiveness of the tips. Knock on wood that is.

Every day, every hour and even every minute, someone in this world is faced with a crisis; it could be a kidnapping incident, a road accident, a plane crash or even a crisis at the most underrated hazardous environment in Earth - one's own home.

A portion of the book also discusses how a person's traits, hobbies, likes and dislikes - in short the overall personality of an individual can help increase the odds of surviving in life and death type of situations.

Sherwood was just amazing to have thought of such a brilliant book concept and to have compiled genuine personal accounts and precious tidbits of information.

The Survivor's Club, on the other hand, is just an absolute beauty to behold not because of the way it was written, but because of the richness of knowledge on could get upon reading this fascinating book.

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