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The Signal UFO – Fact

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The Signal

Are we alone? Many people are unaware, that the answer to this question is already known to certain people in this world. No one will believe the following story, but all the events that this article contains, has happened in the past years.

Most of us are aware about the Roswell incident that took place in 1947, where a UFO has supposedly crashed landed in a small area called Roswell, near New Mexico. The US air force, explained that it was nothing more than a surveillance balloon. The US managed the same story, until 2001, when a series of events started unrolling, and threw the whole Roswell Incident into a new light. It all started with a signal that came from space.

It was on July, 2001, when radio astronomers from the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) society, were searching the skies, for any extra terrestrial activity, and Dr Don Merrich was one of the astronomers. It was around 3 am in the morning, when Dr Don's telescope picked up an unknown signal coming from space. Dr Don was surprised, and he also realized that another astronomer has also picked up the signal. They realized that they have got something remarkable, and Dr Don contacted his colleagues at Arecibo
at Puerto Rico which houses the largest telescope in the world and another one at California. They were asked to tune into the same frequency and the answer was positive. They too were receiving the signal.

The astronomers were convinced that the signal was found to be Extra terrestrial, and E-mails were sent out between the top scientists in the field, but no one was able to find out what the signal was actually saying. The telescopes weren't sensitive enough to read the signal clearly, and finally the scientists decide to go public with their news but the news leaked out already.

The source of the leak was two computer hackers from San Francisco, who hacked into a local university network. Avalanches of E-mails sent between astronomers, grabbed their attention, but were not able to figure out what really happened. All they knew was, that something extraordinary has happened, so they took these messages and propagated it across the net into different web pages and this caught the attention of the US
military and the radio astronomers received a call from the pentagon.

Main objective of the call was to find out from where the signal was coming from whether it was a moving spaceship and the astronomers realized that the military is concerned about national security. But the military went one step ahead of the astronomers, by jamming the particular frequency for every single telescope in the world. So at around 6'O clock in the morning, the astronomers lost the signal completely.

On August 5th 2001, a press conference was held, and the news came into public hands. They explained that the signal is quiet weak, and the scientist needed more telescopes to receive the signal, so new satellites have to be built and which depends upon the funding that are available

One of the journalist who attended the press conference was Sheryl Davis who is a freelance writer who specializes in search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence. But unlike other journalists who participated, she had a different experience. After coming home, Davis listened to her answering machine, there was a strange voice on her machine, and the person seemed to talk about the Roswell Incident and has left her an address for a motel at Albuquerque.

The caller's identity still a mystery, and Davis immediately contacted Bill Gregory, a journalist who worked once worked on the Roswell Story. Gregory knew that the Roswell Incident was actually a top secret project called "Mogul' operated at Hollomen Air base about 150 miles from Roswell.

Gregory went to the motel, and there he met one of the most influential person in the military history. There once and for all, heard the full story of what really happened at Roswell
and why the government had been so secretive. He was Major Howard Alexander, and he has been strict orders not to enclose the message to anyone, but finally it turned that he couldn't keep it as a secret anymore.

He explained that the balloon used in the Project "Mogul" had indeed picked up an ET signal. The purpose of the project was to detect nuclear activity over long distances. The balloon had an infrared sensor to detect sound waves generated by the turbulence of the rising hot air from Soviet atomic bomb tests and ballistic missiles. But the sensor detected another signal, which came from space and the military wanted to keep it as a secret.

Alexander also revealed why the government had been so secretive. He said that in the late 40's and 50's, there was already tremendous concern about alien beings and UFO's. This made the government deeply nervous about how people might react about real news about ET communication. Alexander had been a member of secretive community since 1950's, and showed Gregory its classified report outlining the government plans to use films, radios, television programs to educate people about ET communication to create more awareness. But according to Alexander, the committee realized that their plan has backfired. As talk about ET's increase, people were becoming even less rational in their beliefs.

While all these events took place in one corner, all the telescopes in the rest of the world were trying to tune into the same point in the sky. So the military were facing a fierce international protest, and have turned off their jamming device, but even then only very few telescopes were powerful enough to pick up the signal and separate it from the surrounding noise.

So the next question will be, "Is there any connection between the Roswell signal and the signal received by SETI astronomers 50 years later? Scientific community felt strongly that the signal should not belong to anyone, while they desperately needed better telescopes. Finally on the 13th of October 2001, the congress decided the matter with a huge reallocation of funds for ET research and the money came from 2 bodies, NASA and the Military and National Science Foundation.

By Sept 2002, America
has spent billions of dollars on new telescopes that will be able to receive the signal with full detail. They enabled the scientists to decode the signal, and what scientists found was amazing. They found a picture in the message. The signal was actually a picture made up of grid of dots, but they still couldn't make out what the picture was. But there was something else about the signal that worried the astronomers, something that they would keep to themselves. The signal seemed to be coming from a moving object and it was suspected that the signal could be coming from a spaceship, and this was what the military feared from the beginning. The new information sent shockwaves through the military.

The military also received another shock, when Sheryl Davis and Gregory published their article revealing all what they know of the Roswell Incident, 2 days after publication; the pentagon gave a public response. The department of defense spokeswomen began by confirming the real story of what happened at Roswell, the project Mogul where a surveillance balloon had picked up an ET signal. She also said that the department of defense has agreed to show the entire document based on the signal that was received at Roswell.

International outraged followed, and some members of the UN wanted the US to be expelled from the UN, on the grounds that it had been concealing vital information belonging to humanity. Caught in the middle were American scientists who concluded that they have to go alone on their space research. While debate and discrimination raged, the scientists just wanted to work on the Roswell

The signal received at Roswell
seemed to be irregular and transmitted with different timing shifts. The Signal had been already analyzed by the military, but they couldn't figure it out.

But When Dr Greg Silverman and Dr Don Merrich analyzed the signal 50 years later, it was the timing shift that immediately caught their attention. They noticed that the pulses has arrived at different speeds generating a binary code or a mass code This was the breakthrough that the astronomers were hoping for, one that eluded the military for 50 years, where the timing shift itself has been the code. The code finally turned out to contain 2 numbers, and scientists had a guess whether the first signal was actually telling where and how to look for the second signal. So the Scientists arranged the 2001 signal into rows and a column according to the numbers from the first signal, and to the surprise, what immerged was a strange picture. So 50 years ago, the aliens have told us where to look for the second signal, but we didn't get it into our heads.

The picture was made up of strange symbols and signs, of what seemed to be an internal organization of a highly complex machine. Scientists finally concluded that aliens that had been sending the signal are highly intelligent machines that have become galactic explorers after abandoning their biological creators. The telescopes continued to track the signal, and it confirmed that the source is still on the move. The scientists also confirmed that the machines are too far to be threat.

So finally, the world's curiosity has been unleashed, and astronomers now have the resources to hear the true sound of the stars. And to our surprise, more than 20 different signals have been received after the installation of the new telescopes. So it finally turns out that, the universe may actually be steaming with life.

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