The Role of the Criminologist

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"The Role of the Criminologist"
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A criminologist is required to have many skills in order to perform tasks within the chosen field. They work in state and federal law enforcement agencies. They need to have psychological, sociological and criminal justice expertise to enable them to work as part of a criminology team. The role of the criminologist is to study the criminal mind helping to solve and prevent crimes. They analyze the criminals behaviour and actions in regards to the crimes they undertake. A person in this field of work gathers information to find out if there is a pattern for certain types of people who commit crimes. In doing this they hope to retrieve a motive for the crime, and a solution to future crime prevention.

Their role may include going to a crime scene to survey the location where a crime has been committed. They also find out by a questioning the criminal what their psychological state of mind is, in the hopes of finding out why they are of a criminal disposition. Part of their job is having close contact with the criminal to study the behaviour of the person. Viewing an autopsy of the victim can also play a relevant role in their job depending on the crime and situation.

As part of their role, a criminologist has to do a lot of study and research. They have to write reports and profiles of criminals and criminal behaviour. Social, environmental and biological factors are all taken into consideration during the course of writing these reports. By doing such analysis the criminologist works out the best way to prevent certain types of crime.

Many criminologist believe the profession is exciting, but admit that there are some gruesome parts to the job also. If they are required at a crime scene they could be seeing dead bodies, which is an important, but not a good part of the job. Their most important role is to aid in the criminal being apprehended quickly. A major in sociology or psychology is usually required to have a job as a criminologist. The criminologist will have a vast knowledge in human analysis and the study of the human mind. Studying human behaviour plays a major role in the field of criminology.

The main attributes of the criminologist are creative, think logically, and are responsible people. They should be able to make reports with limited information, and come to satisfactory conclusions in regards to the criminals sociological and psychological behaviour. There is more to this type of work than may be realized, and it is a mentally challenging job that requires good skill and judgement.

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