The Role of Psychology in Computer Gaming

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"The Role of Psychology in Computer Gaming"
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Computer gaming it's all about psychology. You need to know how the human mind works, so you can make good games.

If you are still skeptic, let me tell you that gamming it's all about challenge and that you need to know about human psychology to know how to make a very challenging game, how to make interesting points and also how to make a lot of other things like the right time to strike and how to create stress and other frustrations and rewards. In sum, you will need to be a master of human feelings and emotions if you want to make a great game.

The master of all games is Final Fantasy 7. Despite of the time it was created, this game used the best human psychology in the entire world. The story line is great, the characters awesome and all the rest of the game is great too. there is nothing wrong in this game, expect once you get to the end of it that the final boss is no challenge at all. This is the worst thing about FF7 and you will hear it from anybody.

Why? Because challenge is the core and the motivation of any game. If it's not challenging then it's not worth it. That's all.

The next thing you need to learn how about how human beings like to learn. You see, there is a curve called learning curve. This says that humans learn in a progressive basis and you need to add new and harder things to him little by little. Most of the games to the same thing.

All of them almost. They start very simple in the first level. Then the dificulty will increase each level, even in the level you are right now, until a place where you are just not good enough for it and you will need to train a lot of times in order to be able to win it.

This is the learning or skill curve.

One last thing is that you will need to keep the game mysterious, if people already know it all about it, the game will lose all it's interest. Unless you know how to make it, do not expect many people to reach the final level.

A mysterious boss along the way, the story changing completely in the middle of the game, something completely unrelated that will matter later and maybe a great amount of choice in what will happen in the game, this is all necessary to make the game go on in a great way.

What would happen if the game was just too hard for most people? You would see everyone in the schools playing it, people chatting about it on the internet and you sure you would see a lot of videos on Youtube too.

Because challenge is the most important of all human emotions!

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