The Relevance of Feminism

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"The Relevance of Feminism"
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Does feminismhave relevance? To answer the question, my reaction is no and yes as the variables within feminism are almost as widespread as the differences in people's personality and temperament.

To begin with the irrelevance of feminism, the position of no is based on when feminism is counterproductive or negative in the image it presents. This negativity manifests itself in radical feminism, the reverse of male chauvinism. These are women demanding change only because they have been rightfully denied access to equality in the past. It is not through demand only but with the reason of showing the world and then demanding. It is a form of not a victim mentality but in the merit associated with behavior and results.

We are a culture of extremes and duality with little or no tolerance for the centrist position ideologically or the gray of duality. Let me cite an example of this extreme as it relates to the extremes of the past and link it to the extremes of the present. In the past, ignorant men took full advantage of the power in the hierarchy to take advantage of women sexually without any repercussions for sexual harassment. Today, there are radical women using the tool of sexual harassment against men as a ploy for revenge , manipulation and power. Both extremes are wrong and the latter position does not advance the need for women who deserve equality.

On the other hand, reasonable feminism is not only needed but necessary. As a culture, we have now elected an African American President indicative of our capacity of a culture to change. Ironically, feminist women's chances for success are greater if they look at President Obama's strategy less the campaigning for change. Here's how:

1. The President has been called " No Drama Obama". Why don't progressive women show the value of their cause by what is accomplished to show the reasonable world that they deserve equality. I used the term reasonable. Feminist women need to avoid labeling all traditional women and all men as unreasonable. It would be wise to know what battles to fight.

2. Blaming others is not totally a male trait . The victim mentality retards progress as the situation focuses on the problem and not the solution. Recently, President Obama took accountability for mistakes with Cabinet selections stating " I screwed up". Why not the same strategy for progressive, feminist women? Denial of past mistakes reduces the movement to what has hampered men because of unmanaged ego.

I hope there is an idea here of value!

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