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The Possibility of a Cure for AIDS within the next Ten Years

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"The Possibility of a Cure for AIDS within the next Ten Years"
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In 1980 when aides was first discovered, I called the health department in Tucson, Arizona and talked to them about testing. Just think, maybe 25 million people would still be alive. If you don't know you have a disease you can't possibly keep from spreading it. Over a year ago I wrote President Bill Clinton and expressed this view to him. Later on a at forum on aides I heard him mention the testing very briefly. If everyone every time they visited a doctor would have themselves weighed, blood pressure taken, and a test for aides. Think of how many people have infected loved ones, children, girlfriends, boyfriends because they did not know they were infected. It is time to test all the time, since it takes up to 10 years before any symptoms show up at all. Testing should be on the forefront of a cure. Stop the people who have the disease from spreading it by informing them they have the disease. Networks could be set up for these infected people to date each other instead of spreading it. Stop the spread and the disease will no longer exist. It is time, NOW! Test, test, test. There are even home kits.
A cure is possible. What do you think? Please take action and call your congressman and senator and talk to them about funding free aides tests. There is a cure, stop the spread.

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