The Planets most Unexpectedly Deadly Creatures

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"The Planets most Unexpectedly Deadly Creatures"
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Some of the species that can seem to be be the most beautiful and intriguing look at can also unexpectedly be the most dangerous and deadly creatures. Many creatures that individuals may think seem cute and cuddly are actually quite territorial and will do whatever possible to protect their “territory,“ including unexpectedly attacking humans. Knowing the most deadly creatures an help people to try to avoid them.

The polar bear wants to be left alone

Polar bears may seem very cute and cuddly, but they do not appreciate humans invading their space. That was proved when a group of students from The British Schools Exploring Society (BSES) was taken on a school trip to the Norwegian Arctic. In August 2011, a 17 year-old boy on the trip died after a polar bear attacked the tents of the sleeping students and staff early in the morning while the group was still asleep.

Horatio Chapple died from his injuries. The two leaders of the group which Haratio was exploring with sustained severe injuries requiring surgeries, according to CNN.

This was not the only deadly attack by a polar bear. But there are those who claim that a polar bear has to be provoked or else scared or malnourished to attack a human. One other theory, believed by some organizations, such as Polar Bears International is that attacks on humans by polar bears has to do with global warming. Polar Bears International tells of an incident where one man who was attacked by a polar bear had his pockets stuffed with meat and the polar bear smelled the meat the man had confiscated. PBI also says that when teenagers threw rocks at polar bears, the polar bear attacked and killed one of the teenagers.

PBI also blames global warming for a potential increase in the number of polar bear-human encounters. In ‘Attacks and Encounters,’ PBI says that “scientists expect human polar bear encounters to increase as the sea ice continues to melt and hungry bears are driven ashore.” PBI does not reveal exactly which scientists allegedly made this statement. They do, however, admit that in incidents where polar bears have come ashore, “Some of these have had tragic endings, for both humans and the bears.” One apparent attack can be seen on The Telegraph.

Dangerous snakes are not the best pets

While many children may have had a pet garter snake when growing up, the more recent trend is to bring home large snakes that are classified in many jurisdictions as “exotic pets.” Having a large pet snake that is known to be harmful or fatal to humans has proved deadly for some snake owners.

In June 2011, as reported by Fox News, a pet African Black Mamba, which is considered “the deadliest snake in the world,” apparently attacked and killed its owner. The woman, who owned dozens of pet snakes, was discovered deceased by her boyfriend. The door to the enclosure where the black mamba was kept was open and there were snake bite wounds on Aleta Stacy’s forearm.

In another pet snake death, “Thirteen Foot Burmese Python Kills Owner,” 19 year old Grant Williams was discovered by a neighbor in a pool of blood with his pet Burmese Python wrapped around him.

The Asian Cobra is responsible for more attacks than any other snake, with thousands of documented deaths each year, particularly in India.

There have been several other cases of snakes which were being kept as pets that killed people. HerpMed suggests that “under no circumstances” should a snake be fed outside its enclosure.

Mosquito bite can be deadly

While most mosquito bites represent a raised, itchy bump, for some people, a mosquito bite has been fatal. The mosquito carries parasites that cause malaria, killing up to 2 million deaths annually. An 8 year-old girl died after succumbing to encephalitis, the result of being bitten by an infected mosquito. Her younger brother was also hospitalized after the two children were bitten by the mosquitoes carrying the LaCrosse Virus. According to the ABC-News report, encephalitis is just one of three conditions that can result when West Nile Virus invades the nervous system. The other two are meningitis and a paralysis of the spinal cord, affecting breathing muscles and the arms and legs. While the other viral illnesses linked to mosquitoes can result in serious illness and death, the most deadly of all mosquito-linked illnesses is Eastern equine encephalitis. Although it is rare, the condition results in death in one-third of those affected.

Australian Box Jellyfish is not just intriguing to look at

The Australian Box Jellyfish is responsible for more deaths in Australia “than Snakes, Sharks and Salt water crocodiles, according to AustralianFauna. In people, death can occur in minutes, as the toxins on the tentacles of the Australian Box Jellyfish can “stop cardio-respiratory function in as little as three minutes.” Ian McCormack says that a box jellyfish trolling the Australian waters can have up to 60 tentacles, each of them being up to 30 metres long. Within each tentacle are millions of poisonous capsules, from which the poison is injected directly into the skin, “like a hypodermic needle.”

The Australian box jellyfish may have killed several people off Australian waters, but there have been deaths from box jellyfish in waters off Southeast Asia.

There are many deadly creatures throughout the world. Some of the most dangerous creatures may not be expected to be so deadly to humans. The polar bear, with its cute and cuddly appearance that may lead some individuals to want to just run up and pet it, has killed several humans. Whether claims that polar bears are being driven inward and may prove more dangerous due to global warming is true may not be known. What is known is that human contact with polar bears has resulted in several fatal attacks.

Snakes have been feared in the United States since at least the days of the black-and-white cowboy western movies showed people dying after being bit by rattlesnakes or the cowboy killing the deadly “rattler.” However, lately, many individuals have decided to take large snakes as pets which are known to be dangerous. The result has been that some owners have been killed by their pet snakes.

While taking a swim in the beautiful waters in Australia may be tempting, care must be taken to avoid the almost-transparent box jellyfish, which can kill humans in minutes. While there are many deadly creatures across the planet, these are some of the most unexpectedly deadly.

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