The Physics of Homelessness

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"The Physics of Homelessness"
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Homelessness in the United States is a politically enabled role so an individual has no right or chance to own private property. Physics of homelessness might be considered from several angles off course. How does a homeless individual exist in the social environment-sleeping under freeway bridges, finding food for no monetary cost, surviving without medical care, keeping fire ants and high temperatures, bear of sub-zero weather at bay?

Human beings have survived without expensive homes and automobiles for some hundreds of thousands of years, yet the dangers presented by powerful insiders hasn't changed to the excluded. Americans generally have no interest in finding moral solutions to homelessness and have sold their political souls to globalists concentrating wealth and power for a corporatist political philosophy. Moderation in housing is verboten. Homeless people must be adaptive and innovative to find places to sleep with a little security. Perhaps they might imagine themselves as escaped prisoners of war in Nazi German from so Stalag and just try to appear like everyone else with plenty of corporate credit.

Other physics paradigms for the homeless exist of course, so we can consider these as well.

Homeless individuals may discover everything is already owned and that they have missed out on the musical chairs game of opportunity to own a home. With the median price of a home in America being $ 178,000 today, without nearly perfect earnings opportunities early in life its easy to miss out on earning enough.

A reasonable society would control it's national borders, provide universal health care and assure that every citizen has some kind of livable home for life with security in it to be free to be intellectually creative.

A local homeless issue developed in 2009 when some homeless people camping under a power line were evicted in November. I have written on the topic in various ways-and add a little more here to portray some ideas about 'the physics' of it.

With the mudslides, high winds and rain camping outside the area can be difficult in the winter. Most of the forest areas tend to become saturated and tent floors and sleeping bags soaked. Hypothermia may occur as the body spends extra energy drying to dry out the wet material. It is helpful to have a secure place to exist. This place is a very difficult place to find work-especially if injured. I suppose those Republicans wishing to save money could simply be angels of death and distribute death caps to the poor for suicide-yet they are amoral group after all and would oppose that. The poor must friend for themselves in the vacuum of functional Republican solutions to those homeless issue. I am a little unhappy with the pervasive trait of bad accounting about the margins of society low and high.

The poor are simple sort of erased away and the statistics are presented in such a way that the problem is tolerable, acceptable or whatever. When one is not able to find work in the vast right wing conspiracy, globalist evil empire, or trans-national economic structure that is a planetary social dialectical evolution of anti-individualism concentrating wealth to the globally rich, one must simply observe the phenomenal progression of structures and vehicles that comprise such a significant portion of American life. A functioning society would assure that the poor should not exist at all, because society would reduce the gap between richest and poorest through democratic action. Such a maximum difference of 100 times more income for the most rich and the most poor should be a guideline. Limited world resources and area may be compared to a cruise ship. Our cruise ship or ark, if you prefer, has about 6 billion on it with another 3 billion people arriving aboard in the next forty years. Sure the rich should have large cabins above, yet what if they want to take away from the poor their minimal space, or even force some to have no cabins and be illegitimate stowaways with nowhere to go except to walk the plank?

Capitalists may be moral pirates without regard for democracy and that is fine. Democracy should take care of itself and let capitalists just plunder natural resources as they like, and create environmental dumps, flood the nation with illegal aliens to have cheap labor, and support global warming so the lowlands of Juneau may be flooded from rising sea levels by Greenland and the Ross ice sheet melting. The fire of capitalism should not be allowed to burn down the ship of state however. Capitalism transmogrified into corporatism is an amoral power in pursuit of profit. It is cold blooded and unconcerned about 'externalities' such as poor democratic free enterprisers may wish to pursue.

The capital city of course cannot simply buy plane tickets for all homeless people stranded there to Anchorage 850 miles away, give free rent at the homeless concentration camp or bus passes for free to homeless people so they can ride around town and look for a job (there aren't many). The BBC ran an article online today reporting that three homeless men of Perm Russia had killed and eaten part of a man then sold part of the leftovers to a homeless shish kebab shop. Imperial former empires with heavy Alaskan oil interests are too happy to timely report the extreme behaviors that have been caused by cold weather and probably starvation in the former socialist utopian evil empire. It is important not to have a corrupt society that supports totalitarianism, corporatism, communism and gangsterism.

The most pervasive sources of poverty today with the high unemployment rate (over ten percent) was the corruption of the wealth banking and mortgage businesses, and the perfidy and incompetence and post-victory planning for reconstruction of Iraq by the Republican Bush administration. More than 40 billion annually is being spent on a dubious and ponderous future for a corrupt Afghanistan. One must suspect that oil interests are at the bottom of everything. Public support for assistance to the poor is always helpful to make up for the lack of competent government-social structural planning to assure that poverty simply does not happen. That is one of the major human social challenges in the world today. It is a challenge an intelligent society could solve yet still keeping within complete well regard for individual rights.

When wealth is concentrated the promotion of a class of the stupid and cruel evolves. In an ideal society all would have enough to pursue their own intellectually best abilities and directions. Most brilliant scientists would pursue science without huge wealth, but simply with adequate compensation. The mathematician Russian Pearlman the solved the Poincare conjecture was quite insulted by American offers of wealth to teach or research math (I may have the name wrong). Great athletes would still pursue amateur sports or sports with a salary cap of 5 million annually. With a better global allocation of resources more production could be accomplished. With limited sizes of business-perhaps 2000 employees, no business would be too big to fail, no individual or corporation should be too big to be honest or responsible environmentally. If the United States were to pursue self-reliance on the majority of social resources for survival and limited trade to perhaps 15% of g.n.p. and through treaty so did other nations, and if comparative advantage criteria were established to coordinate allocation of resources to nations that haven't got them, and cannot produce them-if free trade and free enterprise were subjected to democratic control criteria that would maximize ecological economic efficiency criteria perhaps with points and priorities to nations with ecological and population control goals met-the world might stand a better chance of assuring the continuity of individual freedom, universal sufficiency in material needs, and meeting the pressing demographic and environmental challenges of tomorrow.

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