The most Valid new Age Archaeological Revelations

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"The most Valid new Age Archaeological Revelations"
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No, New Age Archeology is not Dead!
God is not Dead!
Atlantis has not Been Found!

Did that get your interest? If not maybe the next few examples of New Age Archeology might.

New Age Archeology is considered by most scholars, scientists and researchers as pure trash, actually sensationalized myths based in many cases on a core truth. It is a post-modern pseudo-science approach to the classic human scientific study of history (archeology).

The New Age approach to life comes from the Russian Helena Blavatsky and her blend of religious concepts into Theosophy. Then you add Charles Fort and the Fortean' concepts of phenomena, we can not forget Alfred Watkins with his ley lines ("Neolithic trackways") and the New Age approach to life and Archeology is hatched.

This New Age approach is a different way of seeing reality with what many call a stilted slant on the world that explains life from a very out of the academic box viewpoint. Separation from the classic and traditional ways can be dangerous, at times totally speculative bordering on extraordinary for the sake of sensationalism and perhaps making money.

Many scholars and scientists see "New Age Archeology" as perpetrating fraud, promoting dubious science, presenting crazy theories and constantly disrupting history with corruption of the facts through presentation of continual conspiracy postulates.

Whew! Now that we have the debate out in the open, how about looking at a few of the New Age Archeologist's finds that have substantial evidence to grab the classical world or archeology's attention. Not all of the modern self proclaimed archaeologist adventurers are like Simcha Jacobovici, the man who calls himself "The Naked Archaeologist" on the History Channel, and then admits to being an investigative journalist ("The Lost Tomb of Jesus").


1. Evidence that ancient Egyptians knew how to fly was found in an ancient tomb in Saqqara, Egypt, in 1898. This evidence was found stored in the basement of the Museum of Cairo for many years. Found in the 1970's it is now called "An Ancient Model Airplane", it has the same wing structure as the modern Concorde jet and is over 2,000 years old. Ancient Atlantis or a similar very advanced culture existed before recorded history supported with this evidence.

2. In 2002 new studies conducted by Indian Professors examined the calendars of the Hindus and the Mayans. The similarities are astounding: one calendar based on movements of Jupiter the other on the movement of Venus-Mexico and India are on opposite sides of the earth on opposite longitudes-the Hindu ocean churning stories have been found in Mexican carvings-Mayan pictures of a tortoise carrying 12 pillars can be found in Hindu illustrations-and the similarities go on and on. This supports the Cultural Diffusion Theory.

3. Russian scientists found on an expedition to Bashkiria a "stone stab" which is believed to be 120 millions old and it has a "relief map" of the Ural Region on it. Sound hard to believe?

The stone also has inscriptions on it in a "hieroglyphic-syllabic unknown language. Three-D map of the earth could not have made by hand and has been verified as such.

The Russians used X-ray photography that confirmed the stab was cut with precision tools. Then scientific analysis to declare a date of origin was done by scanning the stab with uranium chronometers and turned up differing results. Under further examination 2 tiny shells were found on the surface of the stab.

One was a Naviscopsina munitus and dated to around 500 million years ago and the other dated to 120 million years ago (Ecculiomphalus princeps).

It was clear to all the scientists analyzing the stone map that this was some type of navigational map. The Center of Historical Cartography in Wisconsin has studied the stone map and come to the conclusion it could only have one use - as a flight navigational chart. Yikes! Could it be? Did an ancient civilization live in the Urals who charted the entire earth from the air? Or is von Dainken correct and we have been visited by aliens from other planets?

New evidence points to the fact that this is only one piece of a larger map. Is this the map of the Creator? (Pravda)

4. The Bridge to Sri Lanka, which has been long disputed by science, is now a proven fact, as satellite images show the land bridge between Ceylon and India very clearly in the ocean. The "lunatic fringe" archaeologists were correct again.

Unconventional thinking and an unorthodox approach to life are what make humanity a unique critical thinking species. If you think von Dainken, Graham Hancock, Robert Bauvel, Maurice Cotterell, Robert Lomas and Adrian Gilbert are all adventurers on the edge, you are correct. But the edge they all walk is about concepts concerning the history of earth that may have truths hidden deep within the fabric of sensational "Twilight Zone" and "X-File" theories.

You must believe the truth is always stranger than the myth or legend which grows from its seed.


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