The Importance of Studying Psychology

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"The Importance of Studying Psychology"
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Psychology is looking at the Human mind with its other differing aspects. The basics of the mind are its exposed and hidden faculties. Known names in psychology such as Sigmund Freud and Ivan Pavlov all held their unique view about how people behave and why. As curiosity drives our minds to think, as a parent have you ever wondered why your daughter matures faster than your son? Have you ever wondered why we appreciate music and hold it as sacred and important and why we enjoy it? Can we stay young forever? And why do teens behave the way they do?

Its very strange that we possess very complicated things yet know nothing about them. We are familiar with our bodies; they’re no different in many ways. But our minds have two parts: the physical and the mental. They’re always working together. One thing remarkable about the brain though is its plasticity. One company treats children who are not fast at processing a response to a produced sound such as speech with unique software called “Fast ForWord” developed by Scientific Learning Corp. Nicole Davis, a patient of the software managed to spring her speech abilities and reading abilities through a six week period and with some effort of work. What is the lesson here? The brain’s nature is truly something out of the ordinary. Its uniqueness makes a promising approach and makes ways for new solutions to be possible when encountering and fighting ailments thanks to its ability to learn new tricks. No one can create a comparison between a computer and the brain. One is fixed towards something, the other isn’t. You break a computer chip (the brain of the computer) and it’s gone. You injure your brain, and with time and training, it rewires itself. Our job is this “how do we repair the impairments of mankind?”

Certainly, my favorite thing about psychology and what really made me into it was the study of how music affects our brains. Turn your favorite song, and feelings of adrenaline trigger you to kick it on the floor or maybe vivid images come up in your mind or emotions spring up, really music puts us in another world. But why does music play such a big role on the psyche? Music by definition is a form of complex human behavior. The only problem on why its least understood is we don’t study it as much as most of us don’t really know that’s a kind of behavior like any other and should be researched. Our right hemisphere of the brain in which different processes of music are produced by different networks of neurons depending on the musical activity. Such as playing an instrument requires a different network, or singing a song, or listening to a song with or without lyrics. But I always wondered though, what happens when things go wrong? A brain disorder for example can affect our perception of music based on studies. Those of autism for example are remarkable musicians and savants yet they’re mentally deficient. What about those experiments done to those with disorders in which resulted in a recall of musical memories in vivid detail? Always mystifying. There are people who suffer from tone deafness or amusia in which they have an inability to carry a tune, recall, remember and sing a song. Music can provide a cure to disease and that’s my belief. Musicians possess a good chance to think beyond the ordinary due to their lifestyle of practicing music often. Music is a link between the spiritual and the Self. Not only does it affect our hormones, but also why we appreciated it is only a mystery in which the solution lies beyond this world, imprinted in our soul.

Aside from that, I always found it funny the “stages” girls go through but they develop much more maturely than guys. Some girls act as if they’re in menopause and others mature physically too early. So what’s for girls today who appear to look like high school girls at ages 10 and those who look like college girls who are really in high school? Why are the hormones kicking start so fast?   Obesity could be a reason or hormones from nutrition sources such as milk. In terms of psychology, there’s something wrong. The rapid sexual maturity affects the psychology of females in a way in which it pressures them to act like they’re at stage far from childhood even though they’re not at that stage yet. The looks create pressure for them to act like that.

There’s another factor facing us: longevity. We always wonder how to kill death and never be in its arms. The answer actually lies in DNA itself. Waste produced by an organism can backfire against inner cell functions leading to a break down helping us to age. But we could map genes and manipulate them to make anything possible: “ Most promising of all is the possibility that scientists may someday not only lengthen life-spans but improve them as well. Researchers are starting to talk about the likelihood of people living well into their second centuries with the smooth skin, firm muscles, clear vision, high energy and vigorous sexual capabilities they once could enjoy only in youth. For human beings, the sea of change in aging has been a long time in coming. In the past decade or two, there has been an explosion in new therapies designed to slow the senescence process-from melatonin to antioxidants to hormone-replacement therapy to the intriguing hormonal precursor DHEA.”

“ What we were seeing was the concept of cellular aging: growing old in the microcosm of a Petri dish”- Hayflick, professor at University of California, San Francisco.

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