The Importance of Fossils as Evidence of Evolution

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"The Importance of Fossils as Evidence of Evolution"
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The fossil record is crucial for those who uphold the theory of Evolution because it is the only option open to modern man in discovering the structure of life dating back to when those fossils were live creatures. Living animals today offer no evidence to support the theory and the only hope is to find proof in the transitional life forms locked in the fossil record. Does the fossil record contain the evidence required to prove Evolution is more than a theory?

Viewing the fossil record with an open mind allows us to let it speak for itself through the meticulous and conscientious research of paleontologists and scientists. It is reckoned that more than a hundred million fossils have been unearthed and cataloged around the world. This has led to some wild claims from supporters of the evolutionary theory in relation to what the discoveries reveal.

One notable example is found in the words of Porter Kier who made the following comment at an annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science : "There are a hundred million fossils, all cataloged and identified, in museums around the world. That's a hundred million facts for evolution." This is an astonishing claim that even a lay person would reject instantly.

The discovery of one hundred million fossils prove only that those creatures, who are now fossilized, existed. Their existence does not prove the evolutionary process as all of those fossils have been identified as living creatures we know about already. The crucial factor within this massive collection of fossils is that there is not even one of a transitional life form. Some make the mistake of viewing variation within animal kinds as evidence of transitional stages of life. This is simply variety as we observe in the cat family or the canine species.

To add weight to the evolutionary process, the fossil record must show examples of how one species transformed into another, a missing link as it has been termed. After 150 years and more than one hundred million fossils, evolutionists are still searching for the "missing link". As reasonable, open-minded people, we can only accept the facts produced by the fossil record if we want to be fair to the debate between Evolution and intelligent design. If the fossil record produced facts to prove the theory of Evolution, it would no longer be called a theory.

Fossils are the only means we have to look back at life forms of the past and how they were formed. If we are truly interested in uncovering the truth about the origin of life on earth, we can do no better than base our conclusions on facts, as opposed to theory.
The following comment from an expert in the field of paleontology summarizes the situation facing those who claim the fossil record supports or proves the theory of Evolution.

An extensive study made by the Geological Society of London and the Palaeontological Association of England resulted in this conclusion :
Professor of natural science John N. Moore reported on the results: "Some 120 scientists, all specialists, prepared 30 chapters in a monumental work of over 800 pages to present the fossil record for plants and animals divided into about 2,500 groups. . . . Each major form or kind of plant and animal is shown to have a separate and distinct history from all the other forms or kinds! Groups of both plants and animals appear suddenly in the fossil record. . . . Whales, bats, horses, primates, elephants, hares, squirrels, etc., all are as distinct at their first appearance as they are now. There is not a trace of a common ancestor, much less a link with any reptile, the supposed progenitor." Moore added: "No transitional forms have been found in the fossil record very probably because no transitional forms exist in fossil stage at all. Very likely, transitions between animal kinds and/or transitions between plant kinds have never occurred."

Yes the fossil record is crucial in providing evidence to support Evolution. Unfortunately for those who uphold the theory, the fossil record does nothing of the kind.

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