The Hypocrisy of Racism

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"The Hypocrisy of Racism"
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From the gilded halls of Ivy League institutions to the sets of nightly news programs, the information manipulators have programmed us to believe that racism is exclusively perpetrated by whites against blacks. Ivy League institutions promote the race card through aggressive agendas, such as the one that mandates diversity in the workplace and in the classroom. The mainstream media, controlled by corporate conglomerates, push other race sensitive agendas such as affirmative action. New anchors decry racism. Ivy League institutions form the clearinghouse for public policy that supposedly confronts the evil of racism in our society. The manipulators of public opinion view racism from a single lens.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson earn millions of dollars exploiting the race card. Whenever a perceived slight against the black race manifests, both men take to the airwaves and to the streets of America with a vitriolic determination to eradicate the perceived racist slight. Politicians and journalists give both men public platforms to air their grievances, thus fomenting the underlying anger that permeates black communities. Sharpton and Jackson never fight against racism perpetrated by blacks, nor do they address the racism that occurs in Hispanic, Asian, and Muslim neighborhoods. In fact, they ignore the growing  violence along the United States-Mexican border because of the racist implications. To them and people of their ilk, racism is a single edge sword carried by the white race. Pitting blacks and Hispanics against whites makes them money, even if racism is non-existent. The hypocrisy of racism sits squarely on their shoulders. Moreover, spurious accusations negate their agenda.

We can analyze the hypocrisy of racism from many angles. The most obvious place to start is with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). This group is not interested in the advancement of non-colored people, nor does it seek to advance other ethnic groups. The NAACP is blatantly racist; imagine if an organization formed that promoted the advancement of white people. The rancor coming out of Ivy League institutions and media conglomerates would be overwhelming. Other organizations, some of dubious character, also exist that only promote an agenda that solely benefits the black race. Of course, the political, media, and education establishment do not consider these organizations racist. They openly embrace violent groups such as the black Panthers.

Black comedians routinely use the terms “Cracker” and “Honky” in their monologues. Yet, there is nothing but stunning silence from the elitists who shape public policy. The hallways of Harvard and the bright sets of CNN remain silent as well. To make this hypocrisy worse, audiences demonstrably approve of the vulgar references to the white race. Never mind that the same audiences would ignite a firestorm if a white comedian used the term "Nigger.” The hypocrisy of racism does not owe its vigor to the ignorant whims of comedians. Hollywood also churns out movies and television shows that address the misguided one-way version of racism. You will never see a Law and Order episode where a black man targets white people for his brutal crimes.

Sports offer another example of the hypocrisy of racism. “Why aren’t there more blacks in baseball? We have to do something about this,” cries an ESPN anchor. We are asked why the National Hockey League (NHL) does not have more than a smattering of black players. However, we never hear anyone decry the lack of whites in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Racism only exists whenever there is an over representation of whites, or a perceived under representation of blacks. This hypocrisy also poisons the political landscape. Political power brokers reapportion districts to include more blacks, thus giving politicians of color an advantage during elections. White politicians do the same thing, except elitists label their reapportionment efforts as racist. If there are not enough blacks on a corporate board, the company receives charges of racism. Yet charlatans such as Sharpton and Jackson never utter a denunciation of a black owned company that aggressively recruits blacks to fill positions of stature.

We could spend all day enumerating the examples of the double standard called racism. Instead, we should all look deep inside ourselves to unmask where racism originates. Every member of every race has conceived at least one racist thought during their lifetimes, especially when it comes to an immediate perception of another race during a close encounter. For instance, a white man and a black man cross paths on a well-lit street during a hot summer’s night. The white man fears the black man’s presence. The black man blames the white man for his problems. Both men are guilty of harboring racist thoughts, but only one of the men gets called out on it because of the propaganda disseminated by the mainstream media and intellectual elitists.

We all own some form of racism against another race. Ignoring this reality is perhaps the most disgraceful hypocrisy of all.

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