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The Human Race is Devolving – Devolving

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"The Human Race is Devolving - Devolving"
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The human race has been the exception to the laws of nature. We as a species have almost completely cut off nature from our lives. No longer do we live in forests or on the tundra. No longer do we dine on meals that we catch. No longer does man have to put forth effort to stay alive. Humans have utterly cheated nature.

With the new advances in medicine, science, and industry, we humans have no need to fear the processes of nature. In wild populations of animals, the most ill adapted to survive often perish, leaving the more fit specimens to spread their genes for the well being of the species.

Seeing as how there are well over six billion humans on the planet, it is obvious that we have found a way around Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection. Since humans are capable of obtaining food from markets by driving cars no more than a mile or two, there is no chance for the ill adapted to die off.

There in lie many of the health problems of today. If there were no markets or medicine, people with crippling diseases such as polio would never been able to survive and would die off, allowing the fit individuals to obtain a portion of the resources that would have been used on an incapable polio stricken individual. As barbaric as it may seem, that is how it works in nature.

The global problems we face today are all connected to the devolving of humanity. Our reliance on machines and technology has inhibited our natural instincts that would’ve been used to survive thousands of years ago. Think about it. When humans started focusing on the development of civilization, the automobile and stores were created and made walking long distances and finding food obsolete, therefore making modern humans like caged animals. We are no longer capable of surviving in the wild, so in essence there is in fact no need to keep evolving.

Devolving is the obvious consequence on such a technological dependence. Who knows what sort of freak mutations might occur? Perhaps our voice boxes will shrink due to the use of text messaging and email or maybe we lose all our toes, since our feet spend most of the day in shoes. Generation after generation we will become more dependent on our advanced society and continue to forget our ancestral roots, and in doing so, the very skills that allowed us to become what we are today will be lost. As life goes on we can only wait and see the effects of our society on the physiology of human kind.

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