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The History of the Clock

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"The History of the Clock"
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Tick - Tock, Tick - Tock a sound a clock makes or is it? Maybe nowadays thats the sound a clock makes but that sound was not always tick - tock. Over the centuries there were many types of clocks. Did you know that the word "clock" is Latin for bell and it was first used back in the 14th century?

Look up, way up do you see the sun? The sun as it crossed the sky was the first way that people could actually tell what time it was. When the sun was close to the horizon it meant morning or evening. And when it was at it's hottest or directly above it meant that it was either noon or the middle of the day. Telling the time by using the sun was not very accurate at all.

The sundial clock or a sun clock is the oldest type of clock to history. They were first introduced back around 3500 B.C. Sundials used the sun to determine the time. A circular disk with points that used the suns shadow. If the shadow shadow pointed at a 5 on the sundial than it was 5:00. Since sundials depend on the sun, they can only be used to tell the time during the day.

There was also another clock that was invented in Egypt around 1400 B.C. That clock was called the water clock. The water clock was made up of two containers of water, one was higher than the other. Water traveled from the higher container to the lower container through a tube connecting both containers. The containers had marks showing the water level and that is how the time determined. In Greese water clocks were very popular and were very much improved over the years.

Last but not least was the pendulum clock. The pendulum swings from left to right and as it swings it turns a wheel with teeth. The same teeth you see in a wind up toy. The turning wheel turns the minute and hour hands. The first pendulum clocks used the pendulum to swing which was not very accurate. As they improved the pendulum swung a lot less. There was problem with the pendulum. It stooped after awhile and had to be winded back up. It was around 1840 when external batteries were used on these type of clocks and by 1904, the batteries were inside the clock.

So, there is alittle history on clocks and remember "Love is not a clock. You simply cannot take it apart just to see what makes it tick, and even if you could, you probably could never get it back together again."

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