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The History of Indiana Limestone

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"The History of Indiana Limestone"
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The Native American Indians first discovered limestone in Indiana. Limestone is a type of rock that is formed of calcium carbonate. The Native Americans used this limestome around windows and doors. Limestone was used to build bridges, tunnels and railroads. Indiana limestone is also called Bedford limestone. Indiana is known to have the highest quality of limestone in America. During the 19th and 20th century, limestone was used in architecture. Limestone is energy efficient material that is used for building. It is used on the exterior of homes and large commercial buildings. It has been used in building famous structures in the United States like the Pentagon. 35 out of 50 state capitol buildings in the United States are made of Indiana limestone.

There are a few different types of limestone that are located in many different parts of the world. Indiana stone work has won quite a few awards of merit. Indiana limestone is light-colored and fine-grained stone. It was used for building churches, office buildings and hospitals too. Indianalimestone was even used during the Great Depression. Limestone producers have developed special machines that better the texture of limestone for building. It is still used today in the construction of buildings. There was a huge demand for Indiana limestone in Chicago in 1871 because of the huge fires.

Limestone is safe and suffers the least fire damage of all masonry materials. It is easy to shape and is weather resistant. Limestone was shipped from Indiana to New Orleans, Louisiana to build the Cotton Exchange Buiding during the 1800s. Limestone has remained competitive against new man-made building materials and is often preferred to most. It has always been the stone of choice by many people. It gives excellent thermal performance by reducing electricity costs.

The Indiana limestone industry has made it's mark in history in the United States. New machines and methods are used to produce limestone and keep up with the demands today. These new machines have increased productivity of limestone that is shipped all across the United States. The highest quality of limestone comes from Bloomington, Indiana. Limestone is not used to build monuments today like it was in the 19th century because of acid rain. There is a Limestone Memorial Statue that is called the statue of Hope and it is located in Friendship, Indiana. Many tourists come from all over the United States to see this statue.

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