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The Future of Virtual Retinal Display

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"The Future of Virtual Retinal Display"
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The other day I was in the optometrist office and an image on the magazine, Popular Mechanics sparked my creative imagination to the possibilities of another realm. The image pictured on the front of the magazine was a pair of Virtual Retinal Display glasses. The headlines were, Virtual Retinal Display, the future of Virtual Reality. This type of technology could and will change technology, as we now know it.

You may ask, what is Virtual Retinal Display? This technology allows for an image to be displayed on the back of the wearer's retina, allowing the user to be transported into a virtual world of anything imaginable. The Virtual Retinal Display would allow the user to literally be embedded into his or her own world of Virtual Reality.

Thinking about the possibilities of the proposed virtual Retinal Display fueled my creative imagination. My fascination with the new and anticipated technology began to flourish. My brain even now flutters with possible ideas for the new and innovative Virtual Retinal Display.

This Virtual Reality technology could change entertainment, as we know it. The possibility of being able to almost live in our favorite movie would be totally amazing. Can you imagine watching your favorite movie in VRD? Beam me up Scotty! Can you imagine the chance to own your very own holodeck?

Can you imagine the possibilities of taking a virtual vacation to anywhere you have ever wanted to go? I have always wanted to go to Egypt and visit the pyramids. With Virtual Retinal Display the trip would be possible, and with a Virtual Vacation package I would not even have to leave the comforts and protection of my own home.

Surgery could be changed forever. Allowing a doctor to operate on a patient anywhere in the world utilizing Virtual Reality technology and the technology of robotics. In case of an emergency operation a surgeon could log into his Virtual Surgery room and perform the process of surgery precisely anywhere he or she might be at the time.

Planes could be piloted from the pilot's virtual control room in the comfort of his or her own home.

Is the release of Virtual Retinal Display just around the corner? I think in the not to distant future this Virtual Reality technology will be made a reality for all consumers. The possibilities of such a technology would be endless. My challenge to everyone who reads this article, dare to dream!

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