The Future Evolution of Animals

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"The Future Evolution of Animals"
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It has been reasoned that if we want to know what the future holds, take a look at the past. This principle has proved effective in many instances and is possibly a means to answer the question of how animals will evolve in the future. Will there be significant changes in the creatures we have become familiar with in our lifetime?

One critical point that needs addressed on the subject of the future evolution of animals is : What exactly do we mean by evolution? The word evolution refers to any formation, growth or development, suggesting change of some kind taking place.

The theory of Evolution promotes the belief that animals have developed or evolved from one species into another over a period of millions of years. To this day, in spite of the accumulation of millions of cataloged fossils and scientific research, there is no concrete evidence to support the claims that creatures have transformed from one "kind" into another.

There is overwhelming evidence within the substantial fossil record testifying to the fact that there have been changes within species and there is no reason to believe this will not continue. The crucial factor though, is that there is no evidence either in the fossil record or within the realm of living creatures that such changes take place across species.

Variety within a certain species is something we recognize and expect. What evolutionists have been searching for since the days of Charles Darwin is the evidence, especially within the fossil record, that creatures somehow crossed the divide from one kind to another. The ongoing hunt for the missing link is just one of the many "colossal holes" in the Darwinian theory according to one writer.

As we consider what the future holds for animals, we can only really judge this based on the facts we have at hand. Speculation is easy but does not necessarily have any relationship to reality. Based on the evidence presented to us by the fossil record in the past 150 years, we can certainly expect "evolution" within the animal world. This does not mean we should expect to see one animal change into a different species entirely as there is no evidence of this ever happening before.

While the theory of Evolution perpetuates the idea that all living creatures are part of a constantly changing chain of creatures evolving from one species to another, there is not one scrap of evidence to support this view. Considering the future changes within the animal world, the only real picture we have at the moment is from the past, a picture drawn for us by the fossil record.

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