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The Facts about the Earth Energy Grid

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"The Facts about the Earth Energy Grid"
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I have to admit the term Earth Energy Grid drew a blank across this feeble mind when I first saw those words. So, I did a bit of research. What I discovered was nothing more than what I already sensed. The earth has various points of energy streaming this way and that, crossing and intersecting, energy that can have positive or negative effects on everything that exists on this planet we call home. The Grid, it seems, is nothing more than a map of those intertwining energies, one more piece of the pie we humans must put a face to. It's not enough just to feel the energy, to sense its strength, to experience its awe. No, there are those that must be able to view its grandeur, to link it to humanity in some fashion as a means of provoking control. When we learn to back off and just allow nature to exist on its own, that cumulative energy may have a surprise for us.

And how did I know the Grid existed? Well, I can't offer a definitive answer, as my life has a tendency to dance its way into the strangest circumstances at times, but I do have some kind of thing going on with nature.

When I was a kid, my mom tried to save a baby bird. Well, I thought it could sleep with me so I snuck it into bed, but it woke up in a deceased state. When I got older, I had dues to pay so there was a time in my life when I discovered numerous injured birds, and just happened to be friends with an individual who's daddy raised pigeons as a hobby. This individual's daddy was also thrilled at the idea he had been chosen to nurse the birds back to life.

At one time I was sharing an apartment with a tree hugger friend and a Daddy Long Legs stopped by one afternoon. Noting a set of scissors in my hands, as I was working at some old-style paste up, this creature traipsed down the wall and stuck its leg out for me to examine. It seems a strand of hair had wrapped itself around one of the spider's limbs. And yes, I actually performed in-house surgery that day.

Nature is a thing of itself and not something that can be controlled or even recorded; change is the one constant factor. Just know that the mystical energy our earth produces is as real as the warmth of the sun and perhaps just as potent. It's just not possible for everyone to be intimately aware of its existence. But if anyone needs that energy tangible, I suppose the Earth Energy Grid is a good representation. Even if the design is incomplete...

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