The Evolution of Humans

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"The Evolution of Humans"
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The evolution of humans.

A business history.

Except for the last few hundred years no reliable records were kept, are incomplete or were lost, thus we do have the abominable task to reconstruct that.
This requires the effort of an extra-terrestrial to which this would be an easier task because the species is extant and numerous specimens in a wide variety are available.

Regretfully, at present no extra-terrestrial is available and a humble member of the very species under view must stand in.
This being's inside knowledge could be an advantage were it not that he is accustomed to what he is now, and not what he would have been like once!
On top of this the very idea that he likely did rise from a dim-witted animal to one with the ability to write abhors him.
It is because of a bitter taste in his mouth he decides to record in the fashion of an accountant. Attempting to be cold and calculated he places the whole of humanity-of-now on the one sheet and humanity from long ago on the other.
He records;
Humanity of now is residual, that means that his account is actually upside down as it is a valuation of all the plusses and minuses that affected the business that still have to be recovered.
He has no idea if the business is viable or not, there are many assets but it may be insolvent or it may even be on the brink of bankrupsy but he knows it has traded for a very long time and is still very active!
With the fear that he may by reconstructing the history of humanity reveal its present status and then be branded as a whistleblower, he finds the courage to continue and decides to begin by reading a scientific analysis.

There are two values in use; a natural value and a human value and these two need to separate.
The evolution of humanity is a process of exchange from the natural value to human value and must actually begin with 100 percent natural and zero percent human.(this really hurts!)
The account may show how, when and how much of the natural value has been traded for human value.

Stock report.
The business was founded with minimum stock. Since then there has been a variable but persistent increase both in bulk as well as variety, at present however the stock of some items is dangerously low.
Though human value of the average stock has greatly increased the reducing exchange rate caused the overall value to actually drop.

Investments reconstruction.
A limited number of individuals began by acquiring some real estate and while living on the property used the there available resources.
When the resources ran out the cost of transport from elsewhere forced them to relocate.
They did not relocate randomly in all directions otherwise humanity would now be forming a circle surrounding wasted land!
They relocated to the nearest yet not depleted cheapest real estate in distinct directions because that was how it became available and previously was used for transport purposes!
They followed the lines of affordable real estate until this also ran out.
Then they were forced to go up-market and pay a little more, this meant they had to work harder and longer. So as the population increased more and more expensive real estate had to be acquired. Each time they did so, the human currency in circulation increased but the exchange rate decreased. Now that nearly all-available real estate has been acquired the exchange rate is at its lowest point so low that currency exchange almost came to a halt and now begins to force a policy reversal!

The business is in crisis and a take-over target for any interested extra terrestrial!

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