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"The Evidence for Evolution"
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What evidence? If you have some real, conclusive, evidence for Evolution, please show me. I haven't seen any yet. Instead, I would submit that there are other possible explanations for many of the things attributed to evolution.

For example, the Grand Canyon is often touted as proof of something that was formed gradually over millions of years. That's one theory. Another is that such a canyon may have been formed rapidly by a natural disaster like a massive flood. Such a flood is recorded in the Book of Genesis, and may have happened only a few thousand years ago.

Incidentally, the largest desert in the world is the Sahara Desert, about 4000 years old. On an earth that's supposed to be billions of years old, why is the oldest desert only 4000? What if there was a huge flood just before that?

There are actually a number of things which could possibly be explained by such a flood and the possibility of a pre-flood world. Some scientists believe this pre-flood world to have been much like a greenhouse, in which plants and animals flourished and grew larger than we know today. This might explain the numerous human skeletons which have been found of people 8, 9,even 10 feet tall. If we are evolving, then why are we shrinking?

This may also explain dinosaurs, and the flood itself may explain why they no longer exist, at least not so large. The existence of dinosaur bones is not evidence of evolution. It's merely evidence that dinosaurs once existed.

Dating methods I've heard about are largely suspect. Carbon-14 is only somewhat reliable, and only for a maximum of about 50,000 years. So how can we use it to date fossils at any older than that? What logic is there in such calculations?

I've also learned that the geologic column we see in textbooks doesn't actually exist anywhere in the world. It's just a theory. Layers of rock can also be explained by the possibility of a great flood, and other phenomena that may have come with it.

All I'm saying is that some of the supposed "evidence" for evolution could be explained another way. I've yet to see any real evidence to support Evolution, which is still a theory. Even the skeletal remains of supposedly earlier forms of man have either been proved hoaxes, or else they're dubious as evidence.

If one type of creature has evolved into another, over time, then where are those fossils? Why have we been unable to find any of those "in-between" creatures that supposedly existed for a time, linking known species? Where are they now? Perhaps we can't find what never existed.

Perhaps, instead, the great variations we see in nature can be attributed to an incredibly powerful and imaginative Creator. Perhaps this would also explain the intricate designs, patterns, and balances that exist in nature; not only on the earth, but throughout the universe, and even the sub-atomic realm.

I find it much more credible to imagine a Creator responsible for all of this than simply random chance. Evolution seems to have become an attempt to explain the universe and life as we know it without reference to God.

If we are evolving, then please explain why, as humans, we haven't learned how not to hate one another, or how to end poverty, hunger, racism, genocide, and abuse of all kinds? In our brief human history, we haven't evolved, we've just gotten more knowledgeable and more efficient at hurting one another. This ability to hurt one another and to destroy everything around us can be explained by one thing: separation from God.

Maybe it's time we stop trying to explain everything without reference to the Creator who loves us, and instead acknowledge Him for who He is. Let us look to Him for explanations.

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