The Evidence for Evolution

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"The Evidence for Evolution"
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Although the theory of evolution is widely accepted as scientific fact by many, a backlash still exists against this train of thought by those who feel it is an insult to their religious sensibilities. But the reality is that the truth lies somewhere in between the two contrasting trains of thought, and that to deny the reality of evolution in the natural world is incorrect and silly.

All we have to do is look at various life forms on the planet, whether they be plant, animal, or insect, it is obvious that evolutionary change does exist and it is affected by the surroundings of creatures and their ability to survive. We live in a dangerous and competitive world where the natural laws see to it that those which are strong and healthy survive, and those that do not possess the certain attributes necessary will not. So as all creatures great and small look for any competitive edge in this struggle for survival, they will physically adapt over time to achieve this and enable their individual species a better chance at making it to another day.

To deny the existence of a natural reality, simply based upon a religious notion, can and has been proven to be irresponsible and erroneous. Gallileo was placed under house arrest for the last years of his life because he dared to go against the religious train of thought of the day and state that our planet earth was not at the literal centre of the universe, and that it did in fact orbit the sun just as the other planets did. At the time, this was construed as heresy against the Church and God, as it contrasted with the biblical scriptures that said otherwise.

But we all know now that what Gallileo stated was a scientific fact that can not be denied, and incidentally the same Church that had condemned him during his life formally apologized for its' actions just a few years ago, and acknowledged that what he proposed was indeed the scientific reality.

One of the main evolutionary theorists, Charles Darwin, has also been condemned and ridiculed both during his lifetime, and long after. Many people mock him and dismiss his evolutionary theories as being contrary to biblical scripture and even blasphemous, but in many ways his situation is strikingly similar to Gallileos.

Both men were highly educated scientists that were primarily observers of the natural truth of our universe. They did not want to offend anyones' sensibilities or beliefs, but felt compelled to speak the truth in regards to what they observed as the natural order of things. This is a noble characteristic that many biblical characters also possessed, and also suffered for. The pursuit of truth.

And the truth is that in our natural world, evolution has existed and continues to do so in an ever-changing universe that demands that those who survive will have earned the right to do so with brains, brawn, or even a bit of luck now and then.

To deny this scientific reality without fairly studying the data and literature that proves its' existence, simply undermines the universal truths of our world which is so wondrous and miraculous, that that in itself would be proof enough of an intelligent deity that created it all. But that is fodder for a whole different argument amongst many, and which will never be resolved in any lifetime.

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