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There is an abundance of proofs that one could call evidence of evolution that we know of today.

Although the articles in this topic are discussing Biological Evolution, there are other types that can show that Evolution is true.

We could take language, for example, where scholars can trace the roots of English through to Latin and early Germanic languages. From this they can note the subtle mutations and regional variations as language evolved. From the great vowel shift onwards. The evolution of language is not the same as ye olde biological evolution but is shows a common principal of adaptation, mutation and therefore evolution.

Before I mention a few other examples of evolution we shall turn to Biological Evolution. I have noted that some writers here seem to be unaware of the evidence of evolution (and for reasons unknown to me they assume that since they have not located the evidence not only must the theory be false but without any of their own evidence they insert 'god' as the answer!)

There are a variety of fields which evidence of evolution can be taken from. Fossil records, although incomplete, have been able to show patterns of common descent between species and indeed, using DNA, scientists can locate genes that are now defunct in one species (as they have no use for them) but this gene was shared by a related organism.

With fossils and rock strata levels (for example at the Grand Canyon) we are able to place each fossil in a time line and once these are put together in chronological order a succession can be observed. I am not saying that we have a complete record but what we do have not only shows succession but also increased complexity the later in our history we get -which is also evidence of evolution.

We can look at the comparative anatomy of many species and, as noted above, we can note resemblance between species and begin to build our knowledge of common ancestry and traits - this has been ongoing and with every day that passes new information is added - each time adding more irrefutable evidence of evolution.

For those who do not agree with evolution or that have missed the evidence provided by fossils and resemblance (biochemically, anatomically, geographically) I would suggest they study the evolution of the horse.

The history of the evolution of the horse is the best example as we have more data on this than any other species. They can date the horse back to show its common ancestry with the Rhino.

I need not spend time here detailing the horses evolution however, it is suffice to say that when looked at even the most hardened 'creationist' would have to think twice, or three times perhaps.

In conclusion, the evidence to support evolution is insurmountable and only those with a closed mind, or fear of the truth, can not see this.

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