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Dimino Dynasty: Crossover to the Positive

The enigma of the positive has always been a mystery and still remains a realm of discovery.

We see many different realms in terms of polarity and seldom stop to think about what kind of a phenomenon is happening. In our world, there is a polarity of opposites all around us. Consider a few of these for just a moment.

In terms of color, we see this all of the time, even though we may not really be consciously aware of it, or pay any attention to it.

White versus black
Black versus white

Or in terms of shades of black and white, we can see definite distinctions as well.

Light versus dark
Dark versus light

In terms of temperature this is true also.

Hot versus cold
Cold versus hot

Or with respect to different liquids there is also a distinction.

Oil versus water
Water versus oil

Another thing that we do not really pay attention to is the reality that there is always a dividing line between the two opposites. It is that dividing line that brings about the separation and thus allows the polarity of the two realms.

One must ask what it takes to cross over that line.

Obviously, it would only take another line going the other direction. Then what we would see is two lines, one that is horizontal and one that is vertical.

When the two lines cross paths, there is a plus sign that is formed.

The second line crosses over the first, or extends from one realm into the other. It is that second line that becomes the uniting or unifying factor.

Until that moment, there is just one horizontal line which could be referred to as a minus sign. The plus sign unites one realm with the other realm creating a third realm.

If one might suggest that one realm is more dominant than the other, for example white is more dominant than black and light is more dominant than dark, then we see the plus sign uniting the dominant with the subdominant realms.

Or one might suggest that the white is a more positive realm than the black and the light is a more positive realm than the dark. Then we see the unification of the positive with the negative as well, simply because that dividing line has been crossed over.

But there is a difference as now we can see not two, but three distinct realms.

First we have the dominant realm as the positive realm, secondly the subdominant realm as the negative realm and thirdly the creation of a new realm, where the positive and the negative have been united.

This is what I will refer to as the dimino realm or the dimino dynasty. .

What makes the dimino realm into a dynasty in its own way, is the fact that it will stand the test of time. It cannot be refuted.

This is somewhat akin to non-gravity versus gravity. Under the rules of gravity, whatever is the heaviest has to sink to the lowest level. Whatever rises up from the heavier realm and breaks through the dividing line that separates the two realms, effects a transition which results in the formation of a third realm.

To explain this in more simple terms, we start with a horizontal line. This divides or separates two realms. Add a vertical line and the realms are unified creating a third realm.

It is the crossover that brings about a resolution of the differences.

Uniting the two realms brings about a dynasty of unity, oneness that cannot be refuted or disputed. White still remains white; black still remains black. Crossing over from one realm to the other, in either direction, is that line that stands the test of time and opens the possibility of another realm, the third realm of unity. Such is the power of the positive.

Many people have focused on the power of the positive previously, probably not recognizing why the positive is so powerful and so successful. It is because it is that third realm, the dimino dynasty.

The enigma has been revealed and resolved.

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