The Effects of TV Shows and Commercials on our Lives

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"The Effects of TV Shows and Commercials on our Lives"
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Although I never lived in the shoes or the era of my parents I truly believe that even through all the turmoil and issues that their era experienced, the overall value and way of life was much better. It seems to me that my generation has mixed priorities, a lack of goals, poor communication skills and person to person relations, less comprehensive intelligence, and an egocentric mindset. No single source can be responsible for the diminished qualities that my era exhibits, but a prime deviant of this issue is the source which molds the minds of malleable youth and adults who concede defeat (against inappropriate content): the media (especially multimedia and engrossing media).
Television is certainly one of the media channels to blame for the content that rots at the foundation of developing personalities and goals of those influenced by such substance. My psychology teacher mentioned that she rarely watches TV and was flabbergasted when she took a glimpse at the highly concentrated action show "24." I too watch TV very infrequently. When I do it is usually to catch-up with current news and future weather. Even this has been over dramatized and filtered through CEO bias. No longer can a person view a program without expecting a political interjection that reflects the views of corporate management. The television channel FOX is a prime example of biased news especially in the political realm. Although people have a choice in the matter, which channel(s) to watch that is, this sets a poor example for our society. For a media channel to specifically exploit impressionable people for the media gain is immoral and criminal.
To relate this all to family structure, the results of inappropriate content, subliminal messages and poor judgment have shown a correlation to the lack of success for youth in school and life as well as the lack of success for parents having a valuable relationship with their children. Parenting, without debate, has become more difficult and distant than in past years. Although youth are "maturing" (I am using this to mean aging quicker, not to mean of mature judgment and wisdom) quicker and at younger ages, these "adults" are entering society unprepared and disconnected from their roots. With social-status-symbol expectations such as lavish incomes, large homes and vehicles, and a "Hollywood" lifestyle, there is no wonder that the priorities and actions of recently deemed adults are flawed.
Overall the result that television has left on our families is damaging and misrepresentative of what a family should be. Common themes in current TV shows include: rebellion, revenge, isolation, extreme competition (especially for money), unattainable wealth, dangerous life styles, dangerous habits, a lack of respect for others, and the division of social, economic and ethnic groups. These themes are permeating the minds of all who observe the constant bombardment of negative messages in todays media products. The effect on families are felt every day and can result in such events as the most recent and most deadly school shooting in American history; the Virginal Tech. school shooting. Beyond legislation, all that can be done is the boycotting of channels, programs, or (in my case) all TV in general. People should take one of these steps to help ensure the protection of intelligence, freedom, and potential for the citizens of today and the future.

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