The Debate on Darwins Theory of Evolution

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"The Debate on Darwins Theory of Evolution"
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I clearly remember the day when my uncle pulled out a book showing how monkey changed into a man...with my four year old mind I thought " it is insane."

Twenty four years later, I still think it is insane. I agree that over a long period of time species can adapt to changes in their environment but there is no real proof that they can evolve into different species and that is what the theory of evolution implies...

Many people have a big problem with Biblical account of creation saying that God could not have created everything in just 6 days and I agree, He didn't do it in just six human days, He did it according to His time and His time is eternity and there one day may be as short as 1000 human years or as long as 100 billion years!

The Bible is not a science book and it has many simplifications in it, it doesn't mean that its message is not true but it is put in a way which even a child can understand and many things in it must be revealed, because they are spiritual truths.
It is a combination of spiritual and historical facts but it seems like so many people today treat spiritual truths as historical facts and historical facts as parables.

The fact presented in creation story to us is that God created everything including us and that we are so different because we were created in His image, His rule also is that species should never be mixed and you must agree that genetically modified foods are actually harmful to us even though they might look better.

Cloned species are much weaker than their natural counterparts and cannot live very long. People can believe all they want to, we all have a free will but it is wise in my opinion to follow the blueprint, after all we are only discovering natural order , not making it.

Theory of evolution like that of the big bang is just pure philosophy that doesn't conform to established order or even to logic, things just do not happen by themselves, everything has a cause and to me God is that cause, because He has intellect, that's what it takes to put things in order.

Perhaps if we were more humble, we would know much more than we do now and did to ourselves much less harm but humility is for the wise but pride only for fools...

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